Things To Mind While Travelling to Hong Kong- A Guide for First Time Travelers

Where else is the happiest place on Earth?

Georgina in Hong Kong Disneyland.
For those who are planning to travel for the first time, yes, Hong Kong is a great choice if you want to experience a first memorable trip jump-packed with fun! "Hong Kong is an ace travel spot for everyone. It is an autonomous territory, and former British colony, in southeastern China. Its vibrant, densely populated urban center is a major port and global financial hub with a skyscraper-studded skyline. Hong Kong is also a major shopping destination, famed for bespoke tailors and Temple Street Night Market." Even you have no tour guide, it's easier to explore the country because English signage and translations are always available. You won't get lost.

Victoria Peak: Overlooking the whole city of Hong Kong.
We ate delicious Chinese food in some nice restaurants and food stalls. We absolutely went to Hong Kong Disneyland and felt like we're kids just playing around. We roamed around the place like wild kids thirsty for fun. We visited the some shopping spots where you can find valuable items according to your reach. Just a fine week.
What are you expecting about this article?
What I am going to give you is something that will surely help you and your friends. This may give you initial ideas for your upcoming trips. The following is based from own perception, puzzled ideas and things I have seen and experienced during my trip. I learned a lot of things and now, it's time to 'blog about' it and share it with you.
Tip: You must carry a pouch or small bag (secured with sling) where you can put all your valuables and important documents such as your Passport, your ID's, Mobile Phone, Wallet/cash, Octopus card, hotel card keys, City Guide, maps, etc.
It is a must to carry your passport and other important documents all the time or for the whole duration of your trip because officials are commonly doing random checks anywhere. It is for your own safety.
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Tip: Always check look around. This is a Destination Locator. When you ride an MTR in Hong Kong, you will see this locator on the upper right side of the unit. It shows the name of the city where you came from, the city where you're exactly at and the upcoming cities you are about to pass by. You won't get lost.
From Whampoa to Whong Tsai passing Kowloon City.
From Whampoa going to Wong Tai Sing passing Kowloon City.

Hong Kong Dollars.

Bus rides are fun in Hong Kong.
Bus No 11 - is going to Diamond Hill Station. Better check and familiarize your city guide with a map. Use it well.

Road signs and guides are so easy to understand.
Riding a double-decker bus.
My view from the second floor front seat of a double-decker bus.

If you wanna take off the bus, just press 'that' button.
If you took the double-decker bus and you were from the second floor, you may need to press the buzzer so the driver would know that you are on your way down getting off the bus. Anyway, the bus has its HD camera and driver can see the passengers.

Be very particular with street signs else you will be in vain.

In Hong Kong, you have to be very particular about the traffic signs (unlike in our country, few locals violate). If you are a commuter, you really have to be careful. Stop if its in Red light, else, you will be in trouble.

Priority seats must always be available.

This country is genuinely friendly for PWDs especially for blind people. You will notice these patterns ingrained on the street floors. If a blind person is using his/her cane, its easier for them to know which way to go. You can find these stuffs anywhere in the city.

The country's progress always give favor for the special people living in the country.

This is pathway for our blind friends.
Most of the taxi cabs in Hong Kong are Toyota Corona. The comfort is of course quite better than what I used to ride in the Philippines.

You will see a lot of head-turners (luxury cars) on the road. Especially by the time we went to Victoria Peak, we took a cab instead of taking the tram (the tram was under maintenance), and you will see amazing and jaw-dropping cars everywhere. Car Enthusiasts can relate of what I am taking about. BMW, Tesla, Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz are common in Hong Kong.

Toyota Coroma Taxi cabs in Hong Kong.
We took the cab going to The Peak instead of taking the tram.
From Left: Lhou, Grace, Gina, Maryam and Jan Darryl. June 2017

Diamond Georgina in Hong Kong 2017
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Hong Kong Travel Guide | Travel Date: June 5-9, 2017 | By Gina Juarez

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