Monday, January 27, 2020

Replace your old Globe SIMs with LTE SIMs for FREE

Globe urges mobile customers to replace old SIMs
with LTE SIMs for FREE  

Globe is calling its mobile customers to replace their old and obsolete SIMs to LTE SIM cards to experience better mobile data service. Enjoy the digital lifestyle that has changed the way Filipinos live, work, and play today.

Since December 18, 2019 Globe has been sending text messages to customers who continue to use their old and obsolete SIMs.  If you received a message, just go to your nearest Globe Store to get a SIM replacement. Switching to an LTE SIM is FREE of charge and very easy. You will retain your old number when you switch to an LTE SIM card.

Switch your old sim to Globe LTE SIM for FREE now!

How do you know if you have an old and obsolete SIM? You can check if you are still using a 3G SIM simply by texting SIM Check to 8080.

Having an LTE SIM offers a lot of benefits that will elevate and change your mobile digital experience.

For starters, latching to the LTE network empower users with higher speed, a must especially for gamers, people on the go or those who really need information fast.   But more importantly, having an LTE SIM provides better mobile data experience.

Check the differences between an LTE SIM card against an old and obsolete SIM.

The differences between an LTE SIM card against an old and obsolete SIM.

Get to celebrate the new decade with your new LTE SIM card. Go to your nearest Globe store     

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

foodpanda, the biggest online food ordering and delivery service in the Philippines, has finally landed in the city of Iloilo

’foodpanda launches delivery service in the City of Love‘’

Iloilo CITY, Philippines – foodpanda, the biggest online food ordering and delivery service in the Philippines, has finally landed in the city of Iloilo. Founded in May 2012 in Berlin, Germany and operating in more than 40 countries with 45,000 restaurant partners globally. The delivery service is currently active in more than 500 cities, and the first addition to their growing list this 2020 in Visayas is the City of Love – Iloilo City.

foodpanda ready to serve Ilonggos
Ilonggos do not need to memorize delivery numbers for restaurants anymore - as foodpanda has over 100+ restaurants  in the city to choose from the app. With the wide array of cafes and restaurants , people in Iloilo can now enjoy a hint of international cuisines from American, Chinese and Japanese to the well-loved local food La Paz Batchoy of Iloilo right on their doorstep. Whatever it is you're craving, foodpanda has it. 

“We are very happy to add Iloilo to our list of cities that we provide delivery for. The team believes that the city is an underserved market with lots of potential for food delivery. And as always, we intend to bring the best experience in food delivery to consumers – we are excited to see very eager and encouraging feedback from partner restaurant and customers,” says Tricia Garcesto, Iloilo City Manager for foodpanda Philippines.

 Using the foodpanda app is hassle-free – just log on to the foodpanda website or download the app (available in the AppStore and Google Play Store) and follow these simple steps  to enjoy fast and dependable service.

1.       Create an account or login using your Facebook account.
2.       Select your current location, then choose your preferred restaurants.
3.       Simply select the food you want to order and add them to your basket.
4.       Review your order in the basket then click on proceed to check out.
5.       On the checkout page, you can enter a discount voucher code if you have one. Payment options include Cash on Delivery, Online Payment (Credit Card) or Paypal.
6.       After placing your order, a confirmation message will be sent to your mobile number.
7.       After your order has been confirmed, all you have to do is wait for the foodpanda rider to deliver your food and enjoy.

Grand Xing Imperial Hotel marketing assistant Christine Georgia Flores, foodpanda regional managers Anne Eliseo and Peter Romanillos; Iloilo City Councilor Lady Julie Grace “Love” Baronda; foodpanda city manager Tricia Garcesto, and Iloilo Hotels Resorts and Restaurants Association (IHRRA) past president and current board member, and owner of Love and Kisses Pizza Happy Mapua Abenir

foodpanda’s delivery service is available in Iloilo starting from January 2, 2020! From then, Ilonggos do not need to stress out looking for parking or walking in the scorching heat on a sunny day or  in rainy weather as foodpanda will bring what you are craving for – fresh as good as dining-in – in the comfort of your home!

More Photos:

Iloilo Blogger Glory Moralidad of Vos + Creo: Productivity Blog with Lala Labandera of Love Radio. 

foodpanda app is downlodable from app stores compatible for iOs and Android users.

Vloggers with representatives from the office of city councilor Love Baronda at Grand Xing Imperial, Iloilo City.

Launching was held at Grand Xing Imperial, Iloilo City Proper, Iloilo City last Jan 22 before Dinagyang 2020 Clelebration, graced by friends from different traditional and digital media organizations of Iloilo. Download your app now from app stores compatible for iOs and Android users and enjoy safe and convenient life brought to us foodpanda!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

How I abused my self few years ago: A portion of my life’s story

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. “ — George Bernard Shaw

Someone told me that it seems like I have a chill-lifestyle everyday.

“Well, that’s how life should be, right?”, I replied.

Busy is different from productive, and active work is different from systemic work.

When I started working in 2014, I barely can’t complete my 4 hours of sleep in a day just to cope and learn many things. I used to start preparing for my day job at 4am, and needs to catch a puj for me to arrive 10 minutes before 5am, not to forfeit my extra attendance bonus. 

Commuting to work is tolerable but the danger I always face every single day is something that makes me scream inside that I’ll get through all these. I’ve seen and experienced unideal situations mostly early in the morning. I got robbed from my own hands, muted and shocked. I’ve got to walk wet and cold through flooded streets during strong rains under my broken umbrella and a lot more share.

My day job used to and officially starts at 5am and ends up to 2pm. In between breaks, I have to cut printed cards to make sure I’m maximizing my time to learn and to earn extra money. Our salary was good enough than most of the people in Iloilo during those years. For me, my job was easy, but sometimes easy makes people comfortable and complacent.

All my close friends knew how abusive I was when I was starting. I never get enough sleep (never gets a nap) and I was always physically exhausted. There was an instance that I have to travel to Bacolod City after work to attend a training, passionately awake for the whole draining activity and needs to get back to Iloilo City before 3am, so I can still report at 5am. 

I was so young and hyperactive. And I think it was the best years of my life. God opened a lot of opportunities for me to learn and be tougher. It was difficult, yes, but I don’t mind. We all have difficulties in life in different levels anyway. So it’s still up to us!

I’m glad, I have not wasted any single moment the time I was starting building and working for the life I have now. I may not be super rich now yet, but I have luxury of time and I can buy things I need and want anytime. Plus go to places if I feel like going to.

Sipping coffee at Madge Atria Iloilo.
With my time right now, I can plan more and do more important things to make my self better. I can exercise and walk like crazy in the streets of Iloilo with my earphones on, and eat a bulk of food after it. My life is just simple and I have simple joys. Blooming flowers, bushy trees, smashing waves, fine sands, pimped cars, rainbows, clouds, street cats and dogs makes me happy. A cup of coffee can complete my day. It’s literally that kind of life. 

As we endure daily surprises of our lives, learn to be always kind and prayerful. In times of trouble, staying meek and organized is still the best self you can be.

“Good life? Why not?!?”

“It’s God who’s giving me so much grace and wisdom. No one else. Without Him, I am nothing.” — Gina Juarez

I hope you like this composition. If you do, please do leave me a message or a comment how you feel about your own life experiences. Thank you for taking time. Cheers! 🥂

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Realme opens flagship store in Iloilo City, celebrates first year in PH | Press Release

Realme opens flagship store in Iloilo City, celebrates first year in PH

November 29, 2019 – After achieving a series of milestones this year from a string of successful product launches to record-breaking offline and online sales, game-changer brand realme opens its biggest flagship concept store in one of its biggest and most active markets in the Philippines, Iloilo City. The opening of realme’s flagship store marks the brand’s first anniversary in the country.

Real me store opens at SM City Iloilo

Realme’s biggest offline store to date is located at SM City Iloilo. It will house the brand’s complete lineup of smartphones, merchandise and accessories, including iconic cases and realme buds. 

This milestone reflects the company’s continued efforts to grow its market. The expanding realme offline network now comprises 15 concept stores, 29 exhibits, 243 kiosks, 4500 partner stores and 25 service centers nationwide.

We are thankful to our Western Visayas realme squad for their unwavering support since our launch last year. With Iloilo being one of the key cities in the Philippines, we find it an opportune time for our brand to establish a strong foothold in the province. Through this flagship store, we can better cater to the mobile communication needs of the Ilonggos and the people of Panay Island, and deliver to them great value and powerful performance,” shared by realme Philippines Marketing Director Austine Huang.

Realme now has 28 stores and four service centers across the Visayas region that includes the recently launched realme flagship store. The brand will be opening more kiosks, stores and service centers in the City of Love next year, drawing upon Iloilo City’s sustained growth, which makes it a pivotal market for brands catering to Western Visayas.

New realme users are welcome to join the realme community, the biggest and most active Facebook community for a smartphone brand. Members can get to know more about realme and engage with the growing family of realme users in the Philippines through the group. Fans can share their experiences, ask for tips and tricks and even join exclusive activities.