Tuesday, January 14, 2020

How I abused my self few years ago: A portion of my life’s story

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. “ — George Bernard Shaw

Someone told me that it seems like I have a chill-lifestyle everyday.

“Well, that’s how life should be, right?”, I replied.

Busy is different from productive, and active work is different from systemic work.

When I started working in 2014, I barely can’t complete my 4 hours of sleep in a day just to cope and learn many things. I used to start preparing for my day job at 4am, and needs to catch a puj for me to arrive 10 minutes before 5am, not to forfeit my extra attendance bonus. 

Commuting to work is tolerable but the danger I always face every single day is something that makes me scream inside that I’ll get through all these. I’ve seen and experienced unideal situations mostly early in the morning. I got robbed from my own hands, muted and shocked. I’ve got to walk wet and cold through flooded streets during strong rains under my broken umbrella and a lot more share.

My day job used to and officially starts at 5am and ends up to 2pm. In between breaks, I have to cut printed cards to make sure I’m maximizing my time to learn and to earn extra money. Our salary was good enough than most of the people in Iloilo during those years. For me, my job was easy, but sometimes easy makes people comfortable and complacent.

All my close friends knew how abusive I was when I was starting. I never get enough sleep (never gets a nap) and I was always physically exhausted. There was an instance that I have to travel to Bacolod City after work to attend a training, passionately awake for the whole draining activity and needs to get back to Iloilo City before 3am, so I can still report at 5am. 

I was so young and hyperactive. And I think it was the best years of my life. God opened a lot of opportunities for me to learn and be tougher. It was difficult, yes, but I don’t mind. We all have difficulties in life in different levels anyway. So it’s still up to us!

I’m glad, I have not wasted any single moment the time I was starting building and working for the life I have now. I may not be super rich now yet, but I have luxury of time and I can buy things I need and want anytime. Plus go to places if I feel like going to.

Sipping coffee at Madge Atria Iloilo.
With my time right now, I can plan more and do more important things to make my self better. I can exercise and walk like crazy in the streets of Iloilo with my earphones on, and eat a bulk of food after it. My life is just simple and I have simple joys. Blooming flowers, bushy trees, smashing waves, fine sands, pimped cars, rainbows, clouds, street cats and dogs makes me happy. A cup of coffee can complete my day. It’s literally that kind of life. 

As we endure daily surprises of our lives, learn to be always kind and prayerful. In times of trouble, staying meek and organized is still the best self you can be.

“Good life? Why not?!?”

“It’s God who’s giving me so much grace and wisdom. No one else. Without Him, I am nothing.” — Gina Juarez

I hope you like this composition. If you do, please do leave me a message or a comment how you feel about your own life experiences. Thank you for taking time. Cheers! 🥂


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