Iloilo Indie Artists Launch by NewVibePh at Rob Iloilo

  • Special starter performances from Manila artists on April 22, Friday at Robinsons Place Jaro, 3pm to 5pm.
  • Iloilo Local Artists Launch main event on April 23, Saturday at Robinson's Place Iloilo Main, 10am to 5pm.

Iloilo Indie Artists Launch by NewVibe Ph 

A meaningful 2-day event dubbed as 'Iloilo Indie Artists Album Launch' by NewVibe Ph headed by Vj Shy Guibone (Karen Acuyong) is happening at Robinsons Malls Jaro on April 22 and Robinson's Mall Iloilo Main on April 23, 2022. 

This event is in strong collaboration with 14.5 Skymusicfm RADIO Station Official, Filipino Music Central - FMC and Yourhoperadio, Iloilo Music Scenes (IMS), GLifestylePh, and Iloilo Today.

Iloilo Indie Artists Launching by NewVibe PH, Iloilo Music Scenes, Ilonggo Music, Iloilo Music, Iloilo City
Iloilo Indie Artists Launching by NewVibe PH | April 22-23, 2022 | via Iloilo Music Scenes

The first set of performances will be held at Robinsons Place Jaro on April 22, Friday from 2PM to 7PM with artists from Manila particularly Azorix CB18, Angel Sengco, Soleil Misalucha, Rein Espiel, Ivee Madamba, Sky Biscocho, Jiyu and Andre Soler. 

The above-mentioned guest artists from Manila will also perform the second time around their original songs to the Ilonggo audience. They will sing a few OPM covers for the launch of three Ilonggo Artists and their album.

Moreover, Ilonggo solo artists Migboy, Khaeden Golez, and Niko with Bands X-Komunikado together with other artists from Manila Olkisrotom Band and SkoolService will be performing first before the highlights Jonas Lozano - a solo performer, Francis Playground and RainsBand in offering to Ilonggos songs from their respective albums.

Here are some fun and inspiring words from the participating artists for the Iloilo Indie Artists Launch:

We are very blessed and so excited to be a part of these upcoming Album Launching of New Vibe Indie artists. We are excited coz' we've  been selected to perform with our fellow New Vibe Artists. This is also an achievement for tour band...since this is the very first event from New Vibe Artist here in Iloilo! There's gonna be a lot of surprises from Manila New Vibe Artist performers... We're gonna showcase our own original songs, and I'm sure the crowd will enjoy and love it! - From Tata Solinap, Guitarist of X-Komunikado Band, Guest Performer



Francis Playground is composed of six-piece band members Bobetto Solinap (Vox), Tata Solinap (Lead Guitar, 2nd Vox), Jeff Senieres (Bass), Rocky Abaygar (Drums), and Pong2 Simon (Keyboards).

Francis Playground, Iloilo Indie Artists Launching 2022, Iloilo Music Scenes
Francis Playground

How do you feel about the upcoming launch? 

How do we about it?.. Hmm! cguro medyo kakaiba sa na una naming launching. This is our second album launching kase.. Cguro first is we launch here in Iloilo in our own home town, Sta Barbara..almost all of our song were recorded at the studio with all of the gang kaya masaya at dito ko din sa Iloilo, halos isinulat ang mga kanta na inareglo ni Tata Solinap (Lead guitar, 2nd vocals) at sabay na kinantahan ni Bobetto (Vocals) sa tulong din nila Jeff Senieres (Bass) at Rocky Abaygar(Drums).

What makes you excited about it? 

But now medyo weird kase we recorded by sending song true internet na. Kase I was base in Manila and nagkaroon na ng pandemik. Kaya all of the composition is through the internet communication nalang muna kame.. Mag re-record ako ng composition na raw lang isang guitara then e send ko kay Tata gamit ang messenger sa group chat namin then gagawan na nya ng bahay ang song at lalapatan narin ng aming bokalista na si Bobetto ng kanta sa tulong din ni Jeff at Rocky na ngayun kasama na si Pong2 Simon (Keyboards) at duon na namin magagawa ang song... Mga song na makasama sa album na aming e la-launch this coming Saturday 23April 2022..kaya medyo kakaiba yung ngayon.
Excited? In a sense cguro na marami kami ngayun na mag lalaunch na Ilonggo Artists at kasama pa namin ang mga various artist na kapatid namin sa New Vibe Ph na Manila-based entertainment production under the management and supervision of Maam Shy Guibon.

Anu dapat bantayan? (What should we look forward?)

Bantayan? Cguro for us yung mga bago naming kanta kase medyo crossover kase.. meron kaming song na parang mixed of genre.. Basta ma pa pakinggan nila yan this coming April 22 and April 23 sa album launching ng Iloilo Indie Artist under the New Vibe Production sa Robinson's Mall Jaro at Robinson's Mall Iloilo. Kaya sana maka panood kayo kase masaya talaga itong 2days event.
Kaya sana suportahan po natin ang sarili nating gawa... at ang mga baguhan na Filipino composer at suportahan natin ang Original Pilipino Music. Salamat po. - Yko Umadhay of Francis Playground..(Acoustic Guitar) 


RainsBand is a six-piece band composed of Hermz Madamba, lead guitars; Ely Escoto, Band Leader/Drummer; Archie Diadema, keyboard; Gerard Louie Canonero, bass, Edz Callao, vocals and guitar and Rain Callao, the Lead Vocalists. 

RainsBand, Poster by Iloilo Music Scenes
RainsBand, Poster by Iloilo Music Scenes

How do you feel about the upcoming launch? 

As a member of one of the active bands in the local music and club circuit scenes, RainsBand, I can say this upcoming event is an exciting one most especially this is the very first time that the local talents/ artists here in Iloilo is finally being recognized for what we can offer on the table of musical artistry.

What makes you excited about it? 

What makes this more special and exciting I can say is that we are going to offer our raw talents infront of our fellow Ilonggos and that they are being opened up to a door of  MUSICAL ADVENTURES made by their  FELLOW ILONGGO ARTISTS. So the connection is already there we just had to hurdle a liitle more for us to reach them and have them open their doors for us.

Anu dapat bantayan? (What should we look forward?)

Ang dapat nga bantayan sang mga ilonggo amu ang pagpagsik sang Musical Artistry ta diri sa local Music Scene gani mas madamo pa gid nga mga fellow Ilonggo Musicians/ Aritsts ang matagaan sang dalan nga mapakita nila ila nga talento sa pag obra sang original songs  kag matagaan sang platform and opportunity nga mabatian sang mas madamu nga Ilonggo ang mga manami nga mga future Songs. Gani sa tanan nga mga Ilonggo, Pls Support our Local Music Scenes and Artists.

- Ely Escoto, Band Leader/Drummer, RainsBand


Jonas Lozano, Iloilo Music Scenes

How do you feel about the upcoming launch? 

I feel excited and nervous and exhausted with all the preparations but having a sense of fulfillment something wonderfully difficult is easily being done with the help of caring people who'd go through the process more than what is expected.

What makes you excited about it? 

Much of the excitement is on the part that the songs of choice are all intertwined telling of a story about God's love, God's kind of love and how He caused me to learn how to love in ways I do towards Kring the subject or object of my feelings and emotions on most of my songs.

Anu dapat bantayan? (What should we look forward?)

Bantayan nila paano gintakod takod ang mga ambahanon kay ululupod ni sila sa isa ka Album gaalalangot ah.

The talent of the Ilonggos is indeed something the whole world must watch. Support local music. 

This article is brought to you by GLifestylePh and Iloilo Music Scenes.

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