Agcararao Mountain View, a nice tourist destination in Passi City

Agcararao Mountain View, Passi City

Passi City's new tourist destination

Agcararao Mountain View is a new tourist destination nestled in the highlands of Brgy. Magdungao, Sitio Agcararao, Passi City. It is owned by former Binibining Pintados Jo-nah Belle Capuy-Arcenal's family

Agcararao Mountain View Passi City
A magnificent view from the Agcararao Mountain View farm site.

Brgy. Magdungao is situated at approximately 11.1874, 122.6860, in the island of Panay. Elevation at these coordinates is estimated at 63.5 meters or 208.3 feet above mean sea level. Passi City is a 4th class component city in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. 

The farm site is attractive and is seen to be a place where clouds freely dance so the family has decided to convert their property into a flower and vegetable farm where groups and families of Passi City and its neighboring towns can pay a visit to enjoy the mesmerizing view from the top over-looking the nature and sea of clouds.

Agcararao Mountain View Passi City
Agcararao Mountain View sea of clouds.

The family is motivated to propagate the land to make it more a wonderful place where guests can go trekking, have fun, relax, and contemplate how wonderful life can be.

The owners of the farm shared on their social media pages that they are very excited to welcome guests and showcase the beauty of Agcararao Mountain View. 

"We are so excited to see and showcase what Agcararao Mountain View has to offer." 

"..expect more of a rocky road and some walkathon experience." the admin added.

Please expect that the place is still under-developed as of this time, but the beauty of nature can always be perfectly stunning. The management already built interesting spots such as nests, stairs, and risers ready for photo ops.

Agcararao Mountain View Passi City
Blooming margarita flowers in Agcararao Mountain View Passi City.

In addition, the farm owner suggests that if you plan to make a visit, be sure you wear your trekking clothes as the track will be a little bit challenging but is sure worth the climb.

Agcararao Mountain View Development Status

Few groups already paid a visit to the farm and had their photos taken at the site even though the farm is still under propagation and is still being developed. 

In fact, the child and family-friendly farm was opened to the public on the 18th of February 2021 (soft-opening). There is a minimal entrance fee of PHP 50 (US$ 1) for each guest to help fund, build and beautify the farm site.

Agcararao Mountain View, Passi City
Agcararao Mountain View under propagation.

Details and Frequently Asked Questions

Location: Brgy. Magdungao, Sitio Agcararao, Passi City | 11.1874, 122.6860
Travel Duration: 30 - 50 minutes 
Contact No.: +63 938 665 8006 
Facebook Page: Agcararao Mountain View 
Entrance Fee: Php 50 (US$ 1)

How to go to Agcararao Mountain View?

If you are traveling from Iloilo City, here is the direction on how to get there:

1. Take a public ulity jeepney (PUJ) or a taxi cab and go to Ceres Terminal in Tagbak, Jaro.
2. Take a Ceres bus (yellow) going to "Passi". The regular fare is PhP80 for a non-aircon bus and PhP100 for the airconditioned bus.
3. Upon arriving the city of Passi, you will need to have a little walk going outside the bus terminal and look for a tricycle-for-hire going to Brgy. Magdungao where Agcararao Mountain View is located. Fare may approximately cost you between PhP150-250 per trip.


Distance from Passi City to Brgy. Magdungao via San Rafael road is approximately 36 mins or 20.9 km.

There is an other way via Brgy. Bayan, Passi, Iloilo-Capiz Highway, going up to the mountains of Magdungao. 

If you have your private vehicle with you, it is helpful to ask a guide from the locals, and also, you can follow a map extracted from google.

Disclaimer: Photo results may vary depending in lighting, camera angle, skills, and weather. 

Agcararao Mountain View Passi City

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