Friday, August 14, 2020

Turning points why I left the employee life

Gina Juarez
"Turning points why I left the employee life"

"You look carefree and easy now, huh!" someone described me. 

“Well, that’s how life should be, right?”, I replied.

When I started working in the year 2014, I hardly sleep and the maximum was 4 hours daily. 

I have compromised my health to cope with many things and to keep learning new things.

I used to prepare for my day job at 4 am, and need to catch a ride quickly so I can arrive 10 minutes before 5 am.

Commuting to work early in the morning was tolerable, but not the danger I have to deal with every day.

I remember when I got robbed while going to work. It was a nerve-wracking experience and was a fateful morning.

It took me roughly 3 hours to regain my senses. I was trembling and numb. I was shocked and feeling helpless. 

In one instance, I was soaked due to the heavy rain and still needed to report to work, wet and freezing enduring the flooded streets of Iloilo City under my broken umbrella.

It was my first-ever full-time job after I finished college. It was easy and fun, however, the schedule was too early. The salary was good and the workplace was excellent and high in standards.

I gained valuable experiences from it, gained many friends, and opened me to reality.

One funny moment was when the boss caught me cutting printed cards during my break time. He gave me a thumbs up. 

"Always make use of your spare time on valuable things."

Sleep was my main issue. I was physically active and yet I believed I was robust.

I was young and hyperactive. I bombarded my self with a lot of physical work and mind activities. And for me, though I was always tired and hungry, it was the most satisfying time of my life. 

Throughout my learning stage, God unfolded plenty of opportunities for me to engage and develop. 

I was gradually leaving my job around the end of 2017 and completely resigned by the first quarter of 2018. 

I curated and applied the learnings I have gained from different helpful people. 

God allowed things to happen smoothly, and I was feeling confident.

Our struggles in life come at different levels. Stand tall and own it because it will make us a better person.

Remember that we can always decide to stay low and continue the sufferings if we wish to. These were created to mold us and become better individuals. Continue to learn and grow. Have humility and continually be open to learning. Success comes from bittersweet beginnings.

(Deep breath)

The experiences I had was something so dear to me. I am proud of what I went through. 

Now, with my abundant amount of time, while feeling easy and free, I can exercise and train like crazy in the beautiful parks of Iloilo City. 

Time has become my form of luxury. I am less troubled and more capable of living

My life has become pretty simple and I have extremely simple joys. Blooming flowers, bushy trees, smashing waves, fine sand, pretty cars, magnificent clouds, sleepy cats and dogs on the streets, simply makes me happy. 

Having a cup of coffee in an open space is my kind of extra-ordinary. With a clear and joyful heart, life has always been wonderful.

"Simple yet worthwhile", the life I want to have.

As we endure the daily surprises of our lives, simply learn to be always kind, patient, and prayerful. 

"In times of trouble, stay meek and composed with God."

“God has granted me undeserved grace. He has made me whole and sound. Without Him, I am nothing.”

I hope you like this composition. 

If you do, please do leave me a message or a comment on how you feel about your own life experiences.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Cheers!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Oil spill victims received further assistance from Ayala Foundation and AC Energy

Ayala Foundation and AC Energy Philippines sent further assistance to the 308 households affected by oil spill in district of Lapuz, Iloilo City.

If we can remember, there was a devastating oil spill incident last July 3 where families were mandated to leave their homes. AC Energy Philippines stood responsible, never failed to take prompt actions and poured out support to the affected families.

Thursday, July 30, an aircraft carrying additional food packs and relief goods from AC Energy, Ayala Foundation, Ayala Coop, Rise Against Hunger, and Ayala Business Club landed in Iloilo for the oil spill victims. There were also boxes of face masks to be given away to the affected district.

The donated boxes were flown in by the Philippine Air Force. The Philippine Air Force, 52nd Air Force Group Reserve and TOG-6 helped disembarked all the said loads. 

 Philippine Air Force. The Philippine Air Force, 52nd Air Force Group Reserve and TOG-6

There were also a total of 1,500 fortified meal packs turned over by AC Energy Philippines to the barangay for rapid distribution to the residents of Bo. Obrero, Manduriao and Jaro. Each Fortified Meal pack is composed of rice, soy, dried vegetables and fruits enriched with the vitamins and minerals, and is enough to feed a family of 8 to 12 members.

Ayala Foundation and Ayala Coop, donated the meal packs from Rise Against Hunger Philippines, a hunger relief non-profit organization that coordinates the packaging and distribution of food and other aid to vulnerable communities.

“We are grateful to the Ayala group and the Philippine Air Force for their support that allowed us to continue to support the needs of the affected communities.” AC Energy said.

A careful procedure was done after unloading the boxes such as rigid disinfection to avoid possible spread of Covid-19.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Iloilo City local brands tied up with foodpanda

foodpanda partners with local restaurants in the City of Love


ILOILO, PHILIPPINES -- Grounded on its advocacy of helping local restaurants nationwide, foodpanda, an on-demand food delivery service in the Philippines, partnered with three restaurants in Iloilo City so that Ilonggos could have a taste of specially made food and drinks at a reasonable price.


foodpanda definitely has got your love for food covered by sharing the great stories of three of their restaurant partners and how the platform helped their business:

Akamon Ramen Bar, SM Strata, Benigno Aquino, Iloilo City 

Akamon Ramen Bar started out in 2018 as a small ramen shop in a food park located in Iloilo City. Back then, it was still called Ramen Raku until they decided to take a big leap and opened a stand-alone ramen restaurant in SM Strata this year. The new name, Akamon, means a red gate (door) in Japanese.


Mr. Bryan Te, owner of Akamon Ramen Bar, started the business, wanting to serve authentic Japanese food to its customers in hopes of becoming one of the leading ramen chains in Iloilo City. “Always dream big and put quality first before anything else. There will be struggles along the way but you have to keep up and think of innovative ideas'', shared Mr. Te.


Kai Royal Tea, Infante Molo Iloilo City

Kai Royal Tea started out only last year but they are already bringing lots of smiles to people living in Iloilo City because of their milk teas and refreshing drinks. The owner of the milk tea shop, Mr. Keano Lev Eslabon, has plans of branching out soon and his team is also working on franchising the business in order to open more branches in the city. 

"Always study the market first to understand it and focus on your customers without forgetting about your employees. Make sure you have enough knowledge of the industry you’ll be involved in. Lastly, there will always be risks but you can manage risk by planning ahead", said Mr. Eslabon.

Monkey Grounds Coffee, San Raphael, Iloilo City 

Another homegrown brand, Monkey Grounds Coffee, which started in 2016, serves healthy meatless food. It has always been Ms. Glaiza Wong-Nava and Ms. Goldline Wong's dream to have a coffee shop and as business owners, they discussed how there's a lot of challenges along the way but they always try to improve and do their best as receiving good feedback from their valued customers is very rewarding.

"No one is going to take care of your business but you. You need to put your heart and soul into it and to stay motivated when problems arise. It’s also important that your family understands your long hours spent in the business but at the same time you also need to balance business, and family, and personal life", said Ms. Nava.


The three business owners shared how foodpanda was instrumental during the difficult times of community quarantines, with its convenient ordering and delivery process. foodpanda truly has got its partner restaurants and customers covered.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

308 families finally home after a fateful oil spill

It’s an ecstatic feeling for the 308 families to be finally home after being enforced to leave their houses after a fateful oil spill incident occurred in Iloilo City-Guimaras Straight last July 3rd.

 Residents recieving food packs from AC Energy and stakeholders.

Proficiently, the AC Energy Philippines who are mainly responsible for the barge and stakeholders were able to continue the support and completed the return of the total 308 households to their respective houses last Saturday, July 18.

The community reintegration was a collaborative effort of the multi-stakeholders task force composed of the various barangays in Iloilo City, the Iloilo City Government, and its several offices, the Philippine Coast Guard, and AC Energy Philippines with its consultant AECOM Philippines and cleanup contractor Harbor Star Shipping Services Inc.

There were imperative sets of parameters developed and implemented by the multi-stakeholders for the reintegration of the community to ensure the safe return of the evacuated families to their homes. Also, the people from affected barangays were scheduled by clusters to guarantee a smooth movement.

The community reintegration was completed in only 4 days, which started July 15th with 70 families from Brgy. Mansaya, followed on July 16th with 102 families from Brgy. Obrero Zone 2, then on July 17th with 95 families from Obrero Zone 3 and the remaining 41 families on July 18th from the same barangay.

The communities of Loboc, Mansaya, and Obrero have received a total number of 2,350 food packs from AC Energy Philippines in collaboration with the various barangays in Iloilo City.

Meanwhile, Gabby Mejia, Head of AC Energy Philippines for Plant Operations and AECOM Philippines has presented and emphasized their spill assessment update and criteria called Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment Technique (SCAT) in a meeting last Saturday, July 18 with representatives of Guimaras government led by governor Dr. Samuel T. Gumarin and vice mayor Atty. John Edward G. Gando. A method based on international standards and is used to survey and document the impact of spills on shorelines, the effectiveness of cleanup activities, and conduct post-cleanup inspections and evaluations. Mejia noted that the assessment includes fisheries and mangrove rehab.

The method was also presented to Mayor Ruben Corpuz of Municipality of Jordan, Hon. Ma. Lucille Nava, Congresswoman of Lone District of Guimaras, and even to the former Congressman of Lone District of Guimaras, Mr. JC Rahman A. Nava.

AC Energy Philippines and the rest of the multi-stakeholders task force worked vigorously to provide the best result toward this crisis.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

More Power reaps support from Iloilo business and transport groups

The operation of the new distribution utility More Electric and Power Corp. (MORE Power) is supported by Iloilo City business and transport leaders.

In separate media reports, the two groups cited that MORE Power’s effort to correct the city’s existing electricity distribution system is expected to encounter troubles and result in scheduled power disturbances.

The Iloilo City’s varied business association Iloilo Economic Development Foundation (ILEDF) released a statement through its Executive Director, Francis Gentoral saying that ILEDF is confident that MORE Power remains true to its commitment to provide transparent service and has never shielded away from informing the public of the unscheduled power interruption, their durations, and causes.

MORE Power in the streets f Iloilo City.
MORE Power in the streets of Iloilo City.

Iloilo City Loop Alliance of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association (ICLAJODA) ‘s president Raymundo Parcon also applauded MORE Power’s energy and diligence for doing a massive preventive maintenance in all its substations and upgrading distributions lines.

These uncovered statements contradicted PECO’s claim that MORE Power is incompetent and lacks in experience in running the entire operation of the business.

ILEDF cited that the whole city of Iloilo can level up and can completely move forward if PECO settles to support the new power distributor. ILEDF calls for unity in the face of the global health crisis.

According to the business group, Iloilo City electric consumers now enjoy a cheaper per kilowatt-hour (kWh) rate of less than Php 10 with MORE Power compared to the last 15 years with the former utility provider.

“The city’s power distribution utility should have a demonstrated capability, track record, and financial capability to operate and maintain a distribution utility for a fast-growing metropolis; make significant investments in infrastructure; systems and technology; and human resources; and maintain a long-term commitment to Iloilo.” ILEDF added.

With the city’s progress and MORE Power’s effort in making outstanding changes with regards to electricity service, there’s no doubt that Iloilo City may become one of the country’s finest investment destinations by the year 2022.

MORE Power’s initial operation and services undeniably benefited businesses and residents and supports to address public welfare concerns particularly in eradicating theft of electricity, fire prevention and overall improvement of services to Iloilo City.

Meanwhile, general manager Halley Alcarde of Western Visayas Transport Cooperative is satisfied with MORE Power’s aptitude and commitment in delivering the necessary upgrades in all aspects of operations.

Alcarde also reiterated the huge difference MORE Power has accomplished especially for the direct consumers who were financially burdened because of unjustifiable electric power billings and illegal consumers.

Alcarde defined his side by admiring Mr. Roel Castro, president of MORE Power for leading an open and transparent administration laying down the current power distribution situation and its limitations. #

Monday, July 20, 2020

AC Energy Philippines and Stakeholders rehab efforts over Iloilo oil spill

AC Energy Philippines and Stakeholders rehab efforts over Iloilo oil spill

AC Energy Philippines and its consultant AECOM Philippines with its cleanup contractor Harbor Star Shipping Services Inc., proactively conducted an intensive walk through to evaluate the progress on cleanup of the various barangays affected by the oil spill last July 3, 2020 together with Iloilo City Government and its various active offices, the Philippine Coast Guard and some barangays in Iloilo City.

The multi-stakeholders task force has competently developed a set of guidelines for the safe return of the community to their homes. As reported, there were 323 households relocated after the incident and 37 households were already surveyed and the task force continues to assess the other families in the next following days. This represents the initial step for families to safely return to their homes following the community clean-up activities done by the multi-agency team of stakeholders.

The Head of AC Energy Philippines for Plant Operations, Mr. Gabby Mejia believes that with the generous support and existing strong cooperation among the various stakeholders for the clean up, relief and rehabilitation efforts, they will be able to bring everyone’s life especially the affected community back to normal.

“We are grateful to everyone for participating in this multi-stakeholder process and we look forward to your continued support for the cleanup, relief and rehabilitation efforts”, Mr. Gabby Mejia expressed. “With this strong collaboration among the various stakeholders, we are confident that we will be able to achieve our common objective restore normalcy in the lives of everyone”, he added.

At a meeting organized by CENRO which was participated by PENRO, EMB, the DENR regional office, the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO), and other government agencies together with Dr. Rex Sadaba of U.P. Visayas, AECOM Philippines reiterated the internationally-recognized method they used to survey and document the impact of spills on shorelines, and the effectiveness of cleanup activities and conduct post-cleanup inspections and evaluations called Shoreline Clean-up and Assessment Technique (SCAT).

The wise choices and prompt responses made by the multi-stakeholders task force is a sign of good collaboration delivering positive developments for everyone, especially for the affected community who are already excited to be finally back to their homes.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Joining Obsolete Systems Will Hurt You

Obsolete Systems: “You need Multiple Accounts to Maximize Earnings” is definitely a BIG LIE! This quick and indirect overview is for those who are in and who was once into obsolete systems called pyramiding. 

Diamond Georgina at Atria District Park, Iloilo City

Joining Obsolete Systems May Hurt You: Joining an opportunity does not necessarily require you to shell out big amounts of money; you can always start small. Coz’ no money is small if you have worked so hard to earn it. That is why, you must be watchful and think many times before investing your money. 

Many people are looking for activities and opportunities that may help their lives become better, by at least having additional streams of income, especially this season of pandemic. And there comes predators taking advantage of your weak emotions and trying to steal your money away by letting you engage to something you do not understand. They will call it a life-changing-opportunity or whatever. And once they got you blinded; promises and unrealistic things follow; you get an account for an unreasonable amount, and tells you to find two heads to join after you so you get paid. 

Days, weeks, months later and you get no one to join you because the system is too difficult and is already bleeding; so you will be encouraged to buy 2 more accounts and tells you it is “positioning” so if the time comes you already got 2 eggs, you get multiple bonus earnings.

Having multiple accounts, a lie. Your first account gets paid from your own expense. And there you are to show the income you got from your own money to entice people. You will end up selling memberships and not learning the proper skills to flourish a real business. 

It’s still up to you, friends. If you still can’t comprehend what I’m trying to say, and want to understand it, I‘m willing to give time over a cup of coffee. As I always say, a capital does not guarantee a return. The money you put in to something you do not know, is not an investment; it is a donation to the company owners. 

I know, not everyone can comprehend this short indirect writing. I don’t want to use awful terms either, just to knock off other people’s hearts and beliefs, it’s still up to you. This is for those who are confuse. I hope this can help prevent heartaches and regrets for those who are considering participating in “obsolete systems”. 

One final word, “If you are considering joining or engaging in a business, please be sure to know, to study and to understand everything, and how it is done; don’t decide according to your feelings; and so, you get very less chances of failing.” 

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