Wow! These are the Things You Need to See in a Paradise called Gigantes Island.

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The Travel Cuddler "success pose" with the most photograph island in Islas de Gigantes -- the Cabugao Gamay Island. Gigantes Island Trip | May 15-16-2017

We have our own ways of entertaining while educating ourselves. Some are satisfied drinking a cup of coffee or tea in a cozy and friendly cafe. Some people reward themselves with unforgettable international concerts and would love to go out of the country and experience grandeur of the historical cultures of many different countries. Beachin' is quite common especially during summer holidays, and this is going to be another classic story. Hurray! Read more. 

Gigantes Island, a.k.a 'Islas de Gigantes' is a well-known travel spot in the Philippines. Islas de Gigantes is an island chain within the larger Western Visayas archipelago in the Visayan Sea. It is part of the municipality of Carles, Iloilo, Philippines, and the northernmost part of Iloilo province.

Social media is probably making most places in the Philippines and even international places a trend. Thanks to Facebook, where I got our affordable promo package for 6 (contact me if you need assistance). We booked and we got a room in a simple villa. The accommodation wasn't bad. It was already nice considering the budget. The bed was comfortable. Nothing cozy, just pure nature. They have provided a padlock and a key, so we have nothing to worry while were away from our nipa huts! You may check my photos below, read the captions as I show you around the wonders of Carles, Iloilo called 'Islas de Gigantes'. Enjoy reading...

1. Balbagon Island - Home of the tiny coconut trees.

This island is simple, dominant with short trees and long sandy beach shore. 

This was actually the first island we hop on during our joiners trip. We got a chance to meet new people not just from Iloilo, but travelers coming from Davao and Manila.

The photo above is what they call 'Balbagon Island - it is the home of the tiny coconut trees. The sand was amazingly fine as sugar, water was crystal clear and the air was fresh. 

Take a look at our photos...

History says that it was once the 'tungkod' or staff of the giant. That's why the island's length is quite long.

Gigantes Island Photo: This was me under the tiny coconut tree in Balbagon Island.  

Photo taken by our friendly Tour Guide named Armel. / 05.15.17

2. Pulupandan Islet

After almost 30 minutes of picture taking, a little swimming and sight-seeing, we departed the first island and prepared ourselves for the second spot. We went to the nearest mini island called Pulupandan Islet. The island was not big as its name implies. The sand was a little bit rocky. Corals on the shore are quite dominant. There was 'Lonely Coconut Tree' standing on the islet. It made me so curious why it was standing alone. And on its other side is a huge formation of rocks ideal for picture taking and snorkeling. 
The lovely coconut tree on a sandy surface.

That coconut tree in the middle of the islet is called "The Lonely Coconut Tree". Well, most probably, years ago, it is not the only tree living in the islet. Other trees were probably blown away during the disastrous typhoons, and one of it was Haiyan

I felt extremely happy while playing with the stones and corals on the shore.

I was like a kid swimming endlessly. 

3. Unlimited Seafood During Meals 

Unlimited Scallops, crabs, fish for lunch.  
After visting two spots, we were hungered by excitement. We went to the main island in Gigantes South to have our lunch. On the same location, was our nipa hut accomodation. We had so much fun eating unlimited scallops, crabs, squid, chicken binakol, la-uya (a native dish) served with fruits and bottomless soda. Food dishes were distributed per meal and it was totally mind-blowing!

Gigantes Island (main) overlooking the Town of Carles, Iloilo.

4. Tangke

After lunch, we went to Tangke. This is one of the place here which I have been looking forward. At last, I was able to see it with my own eyes. And yes, it was really pretty. The superb beauty of this clear body of water, a friendly nature pool is enough for me traveler to be grateful. Life offers a lot of wonders, and one of that is this place that everyone would love to hang-out with.
We really thought Tangke was located somewhere else. It is actually just located on the huge same island we're stayin'. It has an entry where tourists may pass through. Locals already provided a floating bar for safety purposes.

I don't wanna get out from the water. I wasn't good in swimming, and yes it wasn'tdeep. I was truly amazed.
I did not come here just for Instagram photos nor for Facebook posts but to feel the greatness of nature & savor life.
Some would spend a lot of time achieving ideal Facebook photos and all, but in my case, I was crazy over the enticing water. It was cold and fine. Such a lovely place. I also acknowlwdge my partner for being very supportive in everything I do. He took this photo of me while doing my "mermaid-life' swim.

5. Sand Bar

This island was long and relaxing. The white sand was adorable. We jumped out from the motor banca and went swimming. We did a little snorkeling on the shallow part. Most part of these sandbar was deep due to the current of water. I needed to wear a life vest for me to enjoy the place. We can make way. I was not able to take a picture, just imagine a long white beach called 'sandbar'. It was really nice.

6. Cabugao Gamay

According to the media, this is the most photograph island in Gigantes Island. Well, yes it is! The island looks very unique, adorable clear water, tiny and lively coconut trees and some friendly locals. You can trek a little for you to reach an elevated spot wherein you can have a dramatic shot of the whole image of the island. What a wonderful world!

I have used this photo twice, for it is again the most photograph island in Gigantes. Don't forget to take your selfies here!

Before I go to take my 'famous selfie' with the island someone looking-good took a photo of me. I was stunningly feeling hot under the king sun. Fun!

7. Antonia Island

This is where you can do some water sports. You can have your Banana Boat Ride with a minimum of 6 and a max of 8. Uhmmm yes, I did really pay attention about it. You can also have Paddle Boating, Jet Ski and some minor sea sports. We're suppose to do it to make the day more exciting, we did transact for us take some rides, unfortunately, the coast guard won't allow us to go and won't operate anymore because it's was already past 4:30 pm. They practice safety precautions since it's no longer ideal and the sun is going down. So remember that if you wish to go for a 'banana ride' or whatever, you have to notify your tour guide regarding this, so they could bring you here earlier. I guarantee know, they know what the ideal time is.

During the not-so-short, not-so-long stay in this island, someone asked us to try his freshly steamed scallops for free. And oh my god, yes, we were enticed again. So we ordered a hundred of pieces in our own expense and few bottles of soda. Scallops are sure fresh. They are selling P 1/scallop. :)
Watching from Antonia Island in Gigantes, Carles Iloilo.

Just like what I told you, you can order your beer, soda and some 'pulutan' here in the island. People in the picture includes my friends.

8. They call it Gigantes Island's "MINI BORACAY"

This is famous and called 'Mini Boracay" by the locals because of its really fine sand texture and clear water. I think, this was the most ideal spot here in Gigantes for swimming. This was the last spot we visited  during our day 1 tour.

This is just the only 'cool' photo that I have for this place. I swum like a mermaid and played with the sand. This is something that you must experience. Swear! Look at me, I look happy & great after swimming, right?
The place was totally amazing! The experience you'll get is more than eating the fanciest food in a five-star hotel. This is remarkable.

9. Trekking & Caving During Day 2 

This is must do. Exercise is everywhere, and this is one way. We went trekking for more than an hour and vice versa. We went crawling, sliding and all just to finish the show. The path was of course -- challenging. Just a note, you have to be physically and emotionally ready. If you have heart problems, you may excuse your self. It was an amazing experience for me and for some of my friends. Let me show some of our pictures.

Trekking is love. This one looks easy, but you have to be physically ready. Don't forget to wear something comfortable.

Nature is something to love.
I think, this would be all for today. I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Aren't you envy of the unlimited seafood and our fun activities? Then, you have to try!

If you have any question or if you need my help, don't hesitate to hit my inbox. I am more than willing to help you, especially if you want to arrange a trip anywhere in the Philippines.

The Travel Cuddler
Love George - Cuddles ***
May 15-16, 2017

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