MUSCLE UP DINER ILOILO -- "A Healthy Food Haven." | a photo expo | 2017

Earlier this afternoon, my stomach was growling. We came across this unique place today so I and my friend decided to dine in and try some unique dishes in a cozy and health food restaurant located at Nelly's Garden, E.Lopez St, Jaro Iloilo City. I used to pass this area but we didn't have enough time to drop by. Today's weather and timing was just right, and the place was for us duo. Not noisy and just good food. | Muscle Up Diner, Nelly's Garden, E.Lopez St, Jaro, Iloilo City

Muscle Up Diner in Iloilo is an ideal food haven if you want to eat a balanced-diet that is fit to your budget. A must-try!
I'd like to share my photographs and short experience with you, though we ordered a few. I saw the menu and I think this is worth sharing. I found this place helpful for those people especially in Iloilo who are struggling about "hey, what to eat?" in some of our busy days. I know you can relate.And yes, also to promote this business owned by our fellow Ilonggos. I am inviting you to come and try their healthy food choices. If you are health-conscious, this food haven also offers deliciously 'packed food' in trays with counted total calories. You have many options to choose from. Come and take a look.I seldom make compliments believing that ' I'm quite a reserve kind of person. I decided to make one for this.

Muscle Up Diner: This one is also a must-try.
Everybody can make a Cucumber Slush Drink and this one is 'one-of-my-favorite'.
Photo by: gjuarez
Photo: Remaining Cucumber Slush Fresh Juice for Take-Out.
Photo by Gjuarez: Spicy Garlic Shrimp matched with red rice. 

We ordered a classic 'Garclic Spicy Shrimp', 2 cups of red rice and a pitcher of Fresh Cucumber Slush.

They have decorated the wall with photos of the Ilonggo Athletes.
I know some people on the wall and I feel happy knowing that the owner/s of this place and I, have friends in common.
Yours Truly, The Blogger.

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