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Feature: Ilonggo Musicians Gathered for Philip, late keyboardist of Kreonz Band

Iloilo City, Philippines - Ilonggo Musicians gathered tonight, Feb 3 at Red Paprika to pay tribute to Philip Abello, keyboardist of Kreonz Band. Many musicians came and supported the mini concert-for-cause and sang wonderful music on stage. Everyone was glad to do the event for Philip. Everyone was emotional.

Philip Abello died last week due to a pulmonary disease. He was hospitalized for more or less 2 weeks which prohibited him from playing with the band. Everyone was saddened and mourning of his death, especially the musicians of Iloilo. His family and friends still can't believe of what happened to him, but we trust God's plans. 
In line with the meaningful gathering of Ilonggo musicians, they have contributed generous amounts for the family of Philip to be used for whatever it may serve best. 
The gathering signifies how strong and lovely the community of Iloilo musicians is. The community is very nice, and this event inspires us. It is undeniably true that Ilonggo talen…