Sunday, May 26, 2019

My Concepcion Iloilo Trip 2019: A must see!

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The following items are according to my personal experience plus facts from the island. I hope this helps for your future travel. Enjoy! 

Concepcion Iloilo islands and beaches are pristine and are underdeveloped. Island life here is very simple and peaceful. Although there are many tourists are coming back and forth in the island, the management has retained the simplicity of life in the island.

Our fun troop in the beautiful islands of Concepcion Iloilo. From left: (standing) George, Princess, Corenn; (sitting) Jan, Aljhur, Miyuki and Tita Maria Condo. Behind the camera is Jarell Corpuz.

What to expect?

• No hotels, just kubo huts for accommodation 
• No fancy things, just pure nature 
• No restaurants, bring your own
• Limited potable water, bring your own
• Fresh water is also limited, you can buy a big gallon of fresh water for rinsing.
• There are stores, but you can’t expect a complete supply. 

Important Notes
Note: All prices are subject for change without prior notice. Update as of Summer 2019.

The following items are things you should consider before going to the island to prevent your self from getting upset:

• Boat fare – Php 2500 (back and forth)
• Island hopping – Php 1500 (3 islands)
• Kubo Accomodation – Php 1500 (good for 5-8 pax)
• Bring your own food. You can buy fresh sea products from Concepcion Public Market and keep it inside an ice buckets
• Let them cook for you. You can ask the people from the resort to cook your meals. There is a minimal cost for service fee. However, there will be times that they can’t cater you, that is when if they have many guests.
• Bring enough drinking water.

🍂 How to get there?

• Go to Iloilo City Ceres Bus Terminal in Jaro
• Travel time is 2 hours to 3 hours maximum from Ceres Bus Iloilo Terminal or Roxas Bus Terminal
• Fare is between Php 135 (regular bus) to Php 155 (aircon bus) as of May 26, 2019
• Go to directly to Concepcion Tourism Office near the Fish Port for Boat arrangements; pay for Php 30 for the Tourism Fee.
• Boat ride is 15-20 minutes going to Sand Bar Island Resort/Villa Manuela Resort.

Diamond Georgina at Concepcion Iloilo.
🍂 Other Options

• Get off to 7-11 Concepcion
• Look for a habal habal going to Puntales Port (Landmark is Coal Power plant); fare is php 50 for 5 min max ride (good for 2 pax)
• Boat ride is 15-20 minutes going to Sand Bar Island Resort/Villa Manuela Resort.

🍃 Must Do / Activities 

• Swimming 
• Snorkeling (minor)
• Island Hopping
• Picture Taking with Nature
• Commune with Nature 

🍃 All prices may changed without prior notice.


• Do not liter.
• Bring your garbages if possible out from the island.

Travel guide not yet finished. Stay tuned! 




Tuesday, May 7, 2019

7 Tips for a hassle-free pampering activity ft. Spa Riviera Iloilo

We don’t like hassles. Especially if you are planning for a pampering activity. Make sure you to read and remember this easy tips in order to prevent stress and getting pissed off. Tell us your experience:

Step 1: Secure your booking / Have a reservation 

Call the spa’s hotline numbers and reserve a slot if you want a hassle-free experience. We can’t deny the fact that in Iloilo City, spa goers are too many. 

2. Bring Cash Payments 

Better to bring enough amount of cash. Although swipes are already available in spa’s, it’s still safer to bring cash, just in case the swipers for your credit/debit cards doesn’t work at the moment. 

3. Relax and Observe

All spas in Iloilo have their own style, beauty and brand. They offer different services and have different facilities. Observe and ask if confused. Never assume you know everything. 

4. Set your preferences

Before you enter the massage area, make sure to inform the front desk of your preferences. You might need something like taking a shower before massage; or a male/female therapist; etc. During the actual massage session, you may inform your therapist if you want a soft/moderate/hard massage. 

5. Prepare a tip

Giving a tip is NOT compulsory. However it is one way of showing kindness to our hardworking and tired comfort-provider. Some spa’s (like Spa Riviera Iloilo) allows their therapist to hand a small envelope with names where you can put your tip. Again, it’s not compulsory. You don’t want to feel pissed receiving one. 

6. Get a cab ahead if going at night.

Book a cab ahead of time, or make sure puvs are accessible.  You don’t want to be stressed 😩 by waiting too long for the puvs. Dust and smoke will easily stick on you because you have massage oil on your body. 

7. Reflect 

Thank the Lord for the comfort and unending favor. Pray all the time. 

Tips for a hassle-free pampering activity. #glifestyleph #charlottewoman #spariviera #iloilospa