Hello Iloilo! C is finally here!

Iloilo City, Philippines - Crypto Café is a modern Filipino café, restaurant, and bar for consupreneurs, with a vision of becoming a successful Filipino chain of establishments by 2025, opening opportunities for everyone. 

Photo taken during the soft opening of Crypto Cafe Iloilo at 2nd Floor, SM City Iloilo last June 19, 2019.

Born in Roxas City, Capiz, in 2017, we have combined the stylish ambiance of a fine dining restaurant, the comfort of a hometown café and the minimalist functionality of a business venue, providing an innovative dining experience to all. Our SM City Iloilo branch is our second branch as we are franchising soon! 


By 2025, Crypto Café, a chain of Filipino business café, resto, and bar establishment for consupreneurs.

The soft opening was graced by close families and friends, including friends from Tourism Office and City Hall.


To provide an innovative dining experience which opens opportunities for everyone to better their lives. 


This term is coined by our Chief Executive Officer, Rommel R. Acejo With the advent of technology, we are empowering consumers to become entrepreneurs as well. 

Design Rationale 

"This design is a brainchild of Prime Builders Operations Manager, Arch. Joy Denise Selorio. The design won 2nd place in the recent Academia Riacci International Design Competition. 

The Filipino creativity blooms in so many ways, from its innovative architecture, coffee and food. The materials as well as the architectural design used by homage to the Filipino aesthetic and are expressed through its details and elements, from the intricate ceiling to the various images displayed. 

Friends from the press, invited bloggers and influencers were part of this joyous event as well.
 This award winning design is themed “Pag-ulikid”, a Hiligaynon term for “looking back” or in Iloilo, “pagbalikid’ by our architect, to the creativity blooming in our country. Arch. Joy will be flying to Italy for a free one-year course on interior design. 
Menu Rationale

We believe that food is a story in a plate, and we hope to take our customers on a journey of flavours. 

Our menu is an array of Filipino dishes with a fusion of Asian and Western influences, creating new and exciting tastes. With our menu, we want to showcase world-class food and beverages by using everyday ingredients and elevating them into something every Filipino could be proud of."

Press Release | Crypto Cafe Iloilo is located at 2nd Floor, SM City Iloilo North Wing 

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