Sunday, July 21, 2019

New Spa Riviera Prime: Opening soon September 2019

Spa Riviera is the first spa in Iloilo City. The spa has served many locals and tourists with their unique and quality services. The existence of Spa Riviera has attracted more investors in line with health and wellness. Spa Riviera Prime is a much-awaited haven!
The Upcoming Design for Spa Riviera Prime, 2nd Floor SM City Southpoint, Iloilo City
Proposed Interior design of Spa Riviera Prime at SM City Southpoint, 2nd Floor.

Features of Spa Riviera Prime SM Southpoint:

Spa Riviera's first branch is located in General Luna St. Iloilo City Proper while their newest branch will open SM CITY Southpoint to address and serve more guests. The following lists are the amenities you will enjoy in the next few weeks:
  • Elevator
  • Escalator
  • Accessibility for your other errands
  • Security Late night closing
  • Parking provision
  • Zen space/garden
  • Family Spa
  • Separate Locker Rooms for Male and Female
  • Separate Massage Rooms for Male and Female
Spa Riviera Official

From Left: Ms. Rayleen Tilos- Spa Riviera Director in Marketing, Ms. Sheila May Sumagaysay -Spa Riviera Director in Customer; Anna Marie Riviera Wharton, Owner of Spa Riviera; and Ms. Ruby Guimaray- Spa Riviera Director in Operations. 

The event was graced by Iloilo City's Media People including V/Bloggers, Influencers and from Tradional Media. The story of Spa Riviera is a must told.

Marie Rivera Wharton, Owner of Spa Riviera is very excited for her newest branch.

The presscon was followed by a sumptious cocktail brought to us by Mrs. Wharton London Bakes and English Teas serving their favorite menu such as healthy sandwiches, pork barbeque, salads, and their most-loved and most talked-about cake "Mango Surprise". 

From Left: Glory Moralidad, Rem Samuel,Mrs. Marie Wharton, Nile Kris jan and Diamond Georgina // V/Bloggers of Iloilo

A 'toast for success' was conducted to celebrate Spa Reviera's 20 years of quality service. 

Location of Spa Reviera Branches:

Spa Riviera Main Branch - Gen. Luna St., 2/F Jabez Building, Iloilo City, 5000
Spa Riviera Jaro - near Jaro Public Market, above Mercury Drug Store
Spa Riviera Prime - 2/F SM City Southpoint, front of Fountain, above of Mrs. Wharton's.

Contact them via their Official Facebook: Spa Riviera Official - Facebook Pag

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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Eigasai: Japanese Film Festival Takes Center Stage at SM Cinemas

Eigasai: The Japanese Film Festival 2019 will be at SM City Iloilo Cinema 1 on July 25-28, 2019 and it will be for free!

In celebration of the Philippines-Japan Friendship Month, the Embassy of Japan, The Japan Foundation, SM Cinema, and Film Development Council of the Philippines, present the 22nd edition of Eigasai: Japanese Film Festival.

This will take place from July 18-21 at SM City Legazpi in Albay, July 25-28 at SM City Iloilo, and August 8-11 at SM City Rosales in Pangasinan.

Audiences are in for a moviegoing treat with this year's lineup, which consists of 14 feature films of diverse genres - romance, comedy, action/adventure, horror, mystery, historical dramas, and all-time favorite anime films.

Film enthusiasts can look forward to the critically acclaimed Yakiniku Dragon, by Director Chong Wishing, will be shown at the opening night in SM City Iloilo on July 25. The film received the 8th Asahi Performing Arts Awards Grand Prix, the 12th Tsuruya Nanboku Drama Award, the 16th Yomiuri Theater Award for Best Play and the 59th Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts.

The story revolves around, Yakiniku Dragon, a small family-run BBQ restaurant on the outskirts of the Kansai Area. The family patriarch is a veteran who cannot forget this painful past, but lives by his credo “No matter what yesterday was like, tomorrow will be a better day.” But even the powerful bonds holding Yakiniku Dragon together would be tested by the tides of change.

The Tears of Malumpati by Keita Meguro, the story of Asuka, a Japanese college student who volunteered for The Pandan Water Pipeline Project to help villagers of Panay Island in the Philippines have clean drinking water will be of interest for the local audience.

Other festival must-sees include: the historical drama film Samurai Marathon by Bernard Rose; the drama-romance The 8-Year Engagement by Takahisa Zeze; Mystery thriller The Crimes that Bind by Katsuo Fukuzawa; the comedy Horror zombie apocalypse film One Cut of the Dead by Shinichiro Ueda; Mixed Doubles by Junichi Ishikawa; and Perfect World by Kenji Shibayama.

Kakegurui by Tsutomu Hanabusa and Laughing Under the Clouds by Katsuyuki Motohiro, both based on manga series; and animated fantasy films Lu Over the Wall by Masaaki Yuasa and Mirai by Mamoru Hosoda will also be shown.

There will also be special screenings of the family drama film After the Storm and the legal thriller film The Third Murder by the award-winning Japanese film director Hirokazu Kore-eda.

All films will be screened for free on a first come, first served basis.

Samurai Marathon, by Bernard Rose

Samurai Marathon, by Bernard Rose, is a historical drama based on Akihiro Dobashi's novel Bakumatsu Marathon Samurai about the Ansei Tooashi, known as Japan's first marathon. Japan’s renowned actor Takeru Satoh, delivers a subtle yet stirring performance as the lead actor of Samurai Marathon, providing an unforgettable cinematic experience for audiences.

The Tears of Malumpati by Keita Meguro

The Tears of Malumpati by Keita Meguro, which is yet to be released in Japan, follows the story of a Japanese college student who volunteers to help the villagers of Panay Island in the Philippines have clean drinking water.

Mirai by Mamoru Hosoda

The animated film Mirai by Mamoru Hosoda tells the tale of a spoiled little boy named Kun who feels forgotten when his sister Mirai arrives.

One Cut of the Dead by Shinichiro Ueda

One Cut of the Dead by Shinichiro Ueda is a comedy horror film about the zombie apocalypse. Fantasy anime film Lu Over The Wall by Masaaki Yuasa explores the adventures of Kai and a young mermaid named Lu.

The 8-year Engagement by Takahisa Zeze

The 8-year Engagement by Takahisa Zeze is the story of engaged couple, Hisashi and Mai. Their relationship takes a turn when Mai suddenly becomes seriously ill and falls into a deep coma.

The Crimes that Bind by Katsuo Fukuzawa

The Crimes that Bind by Katsuo Fukuzawa is a 2018 mystery thriller based on the novel by Keigo Higashino about the investigation on the death of a woman in an apartment in Tokyo’s Katsushika Ward.

Yakiniku Dragon by Director Chong Wishing

Yakiniku Dragon by Director Chong Wishing is a family drama set in the 1970s in the outskirts of the Kansai Area of Japan.

All films will be screened for free on a first come, first served basis.

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Monday, July 8, 2019

What I love about Perfume Dessert

Two quarters had passed, and I am beyond grateful for all the blessings lined up before me. ☺️ Rainy season has finally dominated the lovely demanding months and the skies are already gloomy but I still can’t get enough of summer. 🍂

Perfume Dessert Body Mists by Carla Jane Muega of Iloilo City, Philippines

Two weeks ago, while I was busy collecting my scattered ideas, I received a message full of “pops! tings! swoosh!” from a friend so full of excitement! I was fascinated of her and right then felt so happy and thankful for everything. She has brand new thoughts and awesome plans which I adored. She has been starting a perfume business, and I definitely loved it! 🥰

Been wearing one of my personal favorite pick SAKURA from her scents collections. Sakura’s floral scent is intense and gives off a bittersweet aroma. It smells so tender and extraordinarily vivid. It reminds me of the idea of the beautiful and alluring spring in Japan. Who else can’t fall in love? Oh ,Perfume Dessert!

Perfume Dessert, is an arising brand carrying quality perfume products in a cheaper price made from UK. Thank you Perfume Dessert for the kind gestures. 💕 I love it. 

What I love about Perfume Dessert?

1. Many options to choose from. There are so many scent options to choose from. All the scents are unique and never boring.

2. It is affordable. The market price is fair for the class it will give you. It is reasonable enough and worth a try, fair enough for such beauty.

Perfume Dessert Body Mists by Carla Jane Muega of Iloilo City, Philippines.

The packaging of Perfume Dessert Body Mists are so colorful and ready-made as gifts.

A closer look for this lovely colections.

3. Handy. It is convenient to carry. As a woman, my bag is always heavy. And of course, I would prefer to carry a classy and super handy 30mL bottle packaging of Perfume Dessert body mist in my bag.

4. It is long-lasting. It lasts longer than other ordinary body mists. It is an oil-based UK manufactured collection that may last 4-6 hours when worn.

5. Fragrant. The scents are nice and interesting. Well, your choice will still depend on your character. All these scents are unique and sweet.   

And as I said, Sakura is my personal favorite. There are other interesting scents you can try aside from Sakura. Please see list below:

• Strawberry Shortcake
• Gumdrops
• Fruit Tart
• Cake Pops
• French Macaroon
• Orange Sherbet Mimosa
• Apple Pomegranate Salad

6. Ideal Gift. The packaging is nice and an ideal gift for your loved-ones!

Apple Pomegranate Salad, 30 mL by Pefume Dessert

Perfume Dessert sweet and colorful options. 

This is a must-try! I loved it and I personally recommend this. 💕

If interested, please contact Carla Jane Muega - Facebook. Thank you and hope to bump you around in the same scent! ☺️

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