iQor Iloilo opens more jobs to the Ilonggos

iQor Iloilo Gears Up For Major Q4 Expansion, Opens More Jobs to the Ilonggos. Call center giant expects to double its current Iloilo workforce by the end of 2019 

lloilo City, September 4, 2019— iQor Iloilo (RMS Collect Philippines Inc.), a fast-growing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company in Iloilo Business Park, announced today its plan to hire more than 2,000 additional employees in the next four months in anticipation of its major population expansion. 

IQOR jobs for hire
iQor: Call center giant expects to double its current Iloilo workforce by the end of 2019 

The company is currently 3,300 strong here in Iloilo since its inception in 2016. The employees are scattered across four sites, one of which was launched just last week to accommodate the influx of new hires. The rapid expansion is brought about by the success of their program acquisitions from two (2) in 2016 to six (6) this year. Worldwide, 
iQor is home to 45,000 employees, more than half of which are distributed among 14 sites here in the Philippines. 

“We're very excited about the sustained growth of our company, and now we're on a mission to make our career opportunities more accessible to jobseekers by providing different avenues for them to enter the BPO industry,” says Roselle Lao, Director for Recruitment at iQor Iloilo. 

“Here in our city, we see other call centers closing down or laying off employees, which is a sad affair, so we’re very thankful to still be here, that we’re actually continuing to grow in an unprecedented rate,” she added. 

Tapping into the mentality of the millennial jobseeker

One of the company’s main focuses right now is to attract young people to venture into the call center world. Under its seasonal programs, iQor offers short-term contracts to college students and fresh graduates for them to gain enough experience and eventually step up the career ladder.  

iQor takes on this challenge by partnering with local establishments that would give the company more exposure among younger target markets. Locally, iQor is known for its distinctive and quirky approach to recruitment, from serving food to all applicants, themed parties, raffle promos to holding speed hiring events across different venues in the city. 

“Wooing millennials can be quite a challenge,” says Jan Rae Aguilos, Sourcing Manager at iQor Iloilo. “Call center veterans are usually attracted to monetary incentives, good health insurance packages and career advancement opportunities. Whereas, millennials have a slightly different frame of mind, and we’re doing everything we can to reach out to them and speak their language,” he added. 

iQor Office located at Iloilo Business Park, Megaworld, Iloilo
iQor Office located at Iloilo Business Park, Megaworld, Iloilo.

Plans for the last stretch of 2019 

iQor is currently the highest-paying call center in Iloilo. They have already pegged several recruitment activities for the next couple of months to fill the big number of upcoming job vacancies. 

Jobseekers can find out more about iQor Iloilo on their Official Facebook Page, 

Press Release | September 2019

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