iiBAP loudly flaunted all-original music at Balay Gamay Restaurant

We can all agree that musically-inclined individuals are genius and are truly amazing; and so is the music industry in Iloilo. It is fairly rich and undeniably impressive because of the vast array of talented artists and performers nested in the province. Ilonggos, especially the musicians are always known to be very passionate, happy and helpful people.

Ilonggo Indie Bands and Artists Portal performing at Balay Gamay Restaurant, Iloilo.

Ilonggo Raw Indies Night

Recently, Ilonggo Indie Bands and Artists Portal (iiBAP) together with LND's Open-Mic Production held its first mini acoustic event called 'Ilonggo Raw Indies Night' to support Ilonggo Music and to showcase eight (8) excited and remarkable performers with their original singles at Balay Gamay Restaurant located at Manduriao district Iloilo City. The said first event happened the evening of November 8, 2020. It was indeed a night full of talents, excellent crafts, burning passion and love for the community.

What is Ilonggo Indie Bands and Artists Portal (iiBAP)?

Ilonggo Indie Bands and Artists Portal (iiBAP) is a newly-formed organization to promote and expose promising Ilonggo artists and musicians who makes original song compositions and music. The group iiBAP is composed of highly-passionate song writers, singers and long-time musicians.

"We decided to form a group. This group is an outlet to release and expose indie music." Jon Carlo Monte expressed.

Original songs during the event was performed by young individuals and veteran musicians in groups sang in languages Hiligaynon, Karay-a, Tagalog and English.

"Luto lang, nga luto ah!" (Just keep cooking and brewing music.)" Mark Malunda strongly added. 

Moreover, the event last week is just the start of the month-long show of iiBAP and is set to continue exposing the richness of talents and music industry in Iloilo. Schedule of the next events is every Sunday of November 2020 dated 15, 22, and 29.

The cozy ambiance of Balay Gamay Resto was filled with so much love for music and proud talents. The well-crafted songs were inspired by artists' emotions and undergone situations, performed with conviction and passion.

Seen and applauded last Sunday was eight (8) lovely performers with their songs as follows:

Alvin John Cabalonga

1st Performer: Kanta ni Badjii - Alvin John Cabalonga

Kenneth Rey Marbebe

2nd Performer: Kentrey - Kenneth Rey Marbebe

Jonas Lozano

3rd Performer: Jonas Lozano and Friends

Jeeven Loyd Casabuena of Illegal Entry

4th Performer: Tito Jevs of Illegal Entry - Jeeven Loyd Casabuena

On Da Spot Band

5th Performer: On Da Spot Band - Don Dee on Vocals, Greg on Lead Guitar, Jonjon on Rhythm Guitar, To Mai on Bass and Boiet on Beatbox

Francis' Playground

6th Performer: Francis' Playground - Elmer Solinap on Vocals, Elfred "Tata" Solinap on Guitar, Rossan Seneres on Bass and Reuben James Cecilio on Beatbox

Jaam Band

7th Performer: Jaam - Mark Malunda on Vocals/Acoustic Guitar, John Surmieda on Lead Guitar, Elfred "Tata" Solinap on Bass and Roger Caballero on Beatbox

Sherwin Go The Greatest Loops

8th Performer: Sherwin Go The Greatest Loops

The members of iiBAP showed obvious desire to perform, longing and obsessed to heard. The event was perfectly candid and warm. Seeing everyone in the venue gave a nice sense of security, friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood. 

The whole iiBAP community and LND's Open-Mic Productions headed by Derf Dicen was very grateful of the love and support showed by everyone during the first event. 

"We would like to thank Richard for having us here at Balay Gamay Restaurant, iiBAP Family, LND, Iloilo Music Scenes and everyone who came to support this event. Kilitaay kita liwat sa dasun nga Dominggo it gab-i, (See you again next Sunday night.) and watch out for the next line up of performers from Ilonggo Indie Bands and Artists Portal." Derf Dicen repeatedly announced.

Music connects us all together. Music binds us and forms us into families. So don't forget to mark your calendars for the next three Sundays of November! Bring your friends and enjoy the true music of the Ilonggos!

Facebook Group: Ilonggo Indie Bands and Artists Portal (iiBAP)

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