iiBAP Community continues to grow big and wild in Iloilo

Ilonggo Indie Bands and Artists Portal (iiBAP) Community continues to make a sensational noise in Iloilo City. IIBAP is a newly-formed organization that promotes and exposes promising Ilonggo artists and musicians who make original song compositions and music.  

Last month, iiBAP held a successful month-long live performances presenting different bands and individual artists. Numerous original tracks were nimbly played in the pavillion of Balay Gamay Restaurant, which served as breeding and molding ground of the group since the start of November. 

Ilonggo musicians
Ilonggo Indie Bands and Artists Portal (iiBAP) Performers at Balay Gamay Restaurant for Ilonggo Raw Indies Nights, November 2020 | Iloilo City, Philippines
Photo by Iloilo Music Scenes

Performers gracefully brought to light different genres and distinctive music compositions. The humble event even pooled the veteran musician named Mr. PG Zoluaga who sang "Iloilo Banwang Pinalangga" and "Suba Ko". Also, the legendary perfomer Mr. Russel Baron, the frontline and vocalist of one of the most sought-after Iloilo rock band Binhi graced the event.

The passionate men behind iiBAP Derf Dicen, Jon Carlo Monte, Mark Malunda, Sherwin Go and Kim Ong  were highly satisfied of the upshot of their humble aspiration. 

"Wala gid kami nag expect sang mga co-admins nga amo ini gali kita sini kadamo. Gapasalamat gid kami sa tanan nga nag supporta sang atun nga pagtipon-tipon." Jon Carlo Monte expressed.

(We the admins did nt expect this big number of participating artists and supporters. We thank you very much to all who participated and supported this endevour.)

The event was well-supported by many other music groups, spectators, few music business owners, and other importantant individuals. No performance was missed out by the event's official media partner Iloilo Music Scenes represented by Jan Darryl Solivas who patiently captured each moment of the performers , he is also an astonishing keybordist and active bassist of First Edition Band.

IIBAP plans to continue making this venture for the public to promote and encourage more and more Ilonggos to keep creating originals tracks. Moreover, this group intends to be a channel to brew dreams, to feed hope and to showcase art through music. 

Participating bands last November 2020:

November 8: Kanta Ni Bajii, Jonas Lozano, KentRey, Tito Jebz, On Da Spot,  Francis' Playground, Jaam, and Sherwin Go

November 15: PG Zoluaga, Tata Uy, James Rojo, Love N' Despair, Sherwin Go, Soul Station, and Illegal Entry

November 22: Kanta Ni Badjii, Jonas Lozano, KentRey, Jon Carlo Monte, AlphaBadboi, and Kram

November 29: Kanta ni Badjii, Jonas Lozano, Hirang, Bronz Belarmino, Sherwin Go, Trident, Francis' Playground and On Da Spot

Ilonggo Indie Bands and Artists Portal Community(IIBAP) and LND's Open-Mic Entertainment Production would like to thank the management and staff of Balay Gamay Restaurant.

"Music connects us all. Music binds us and forms us into families."

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