Who is Edward "Eddy" Chai?

Edward Chai with his wife, Grace Chen.
Edward Chai with his wife, Grace Chen.

Who is Eddy Chai?

Edward Chai, popularly known as Eddy Chai, was born in Kuching, East Malaysia. At the age of 27, he immigrated to Vancouver, Canada where he owned and operated several diners and cafes.

He was introduced to MLM in 1980 and moved to Taiwan to do the business even though he had never been to Taiwan, do not know anybody there, and do not speak the language.

In 1987 he was appointed by one of the largest MLM companies in the world to be the Managing Director in Taiwan. Through his hard work and enthusiasm, he built that company to be the number 169 of the Fortune 500 companies in Taiwan in 1995. 

Eddy has more than 35 years of experience in MLM and his organization spans over 20 countries with over three million members. 

In 1998, Eddy was elected as one of the Most Outstanding Businessmen of the Year in Taiwan, as well as the 2002 Times Elite Award of Taiwan. He was featured in numerous domestic and foreign print and media for his accomplishments in MLM. 

Currently, he is the Founder and CEO of the company Diamond Lifestyle Corporation. DLC is based in Taiwan and has franchises in the Philippines and Vietnam.

About Diamond Lifestyle Corporation 

Edward "Eddy" Chai of Diamond Lifestyle Corporation (DLC)
Edward "Eddy" Chai of Diamond Lifestyle Corporation (DLC)

Message from Eddy Chai

July 1, 2008. After 28 incredible years in MLM, 21 of which is as a Managing Director for one of the biggest MLM companies in the world making an outrageous annual income most people cannot make in their lifetime, I resigned and started this new MLM company.

What in the world am I doing? Well, it wasn’t money for sure as I can hardly spend 30% of my outrageous annual income. Was it for fame or recognition? I don’t need to start a new MLM company to get them. As one of the most successful networkers in the world with an organization that has sponsored over 3 million distributors, I already have my fair share of recognition and fame. A desire to own a company? Listen to my speeches and training and you will sometime hear me mention that I love my role as a General and have no desire to be the Emperor. So, why start a new MLM company called “Diamond Lifestyle Corporation”?

After 28 long years, I have found an industry that is my life’s passion. A business, I believe, is the best available option to channel goods and services. A business option for many who are not satisfied with their present financial situation. A business option for many who have no other business options. After 28 long years, I have also found things that need to be changed to help those who love or need this business and give them a fighting chance. Let us talk about 2 of them.

First. In my opinion, for the last 50 years, there is only one MLM company in the world and all the others are pyramid schemes. I would like to ask distributors who believe they are from legitimate companies: If you also operate your business like pyramid schemes, playing the money game, buying up to get bonuses, pins, and incentives what is the difference between you and them? DLC intends to close all loopholes to prevent this behavior. We can now say that there are 2 MLM companies in the world: one is called DLC and the other is the biggest MLM company today.

Second. With the percentage paid out by all MLM companies and the way their marketing plans are designed, it will be ill-advised for most of you to believe that this business is a vehicle for your dreams. After the owners of MLM companies suck away a huge percentage for themselves, there is not enough money left to give the mid and lower-level leaders a decent income. That is why all company marketing plans are only designed to look after the 20% of high-level leaders or superstars. It is not uncommon to listen to these superstars talk about the 80/20 rule like it is a virtue. We think this is catastrophic. When 80% of leaders find their income unsatisfactory they may quit and when they do so, it becomes a domino effect on the business of the superstar. This is a fact. If we cannot pay enough to look after the 80% we also cannot look after the 20%. How then can we write a marketing plan that can also look after the 80% of the leaders? THIS IS THE MAIN MISSION OF DLC.

There is only one solution. I wish there were another. We must write a marketing plan that also includes the1/3 which is the profit of the owner of a MLM company into the plan. Only when we have this extra 30% can we have enough money to write a marketing plan where we can concentrate a huge portion of the bonuses on distributors who have one to three break-off legs.

Yes, I understand what I am doing is abnormal. It is normal and right for all owners of MLM companies to make a profit from their investment for the risk they are taking. But please also understand that I am not interested in the profit of my company. I just want to build an MLM company for distributors and do something for this industry before I retire.

Thanks for joining me on this meaningful mission. Let us leave our footprints in the sand. Let’s get to work.

God Bless,


Edward Chai, Eddy Chai, Diamond Lifestyle Corporation, dlc ph, DLC
Edward Chai of Diamond Lifestyle Corporation

Website: dlctw.com

Company Name: Diamond Lifestyle Corporation

Twitter: twitter/eddychai

Email: eddy@dlcorp.com

Facebook: Diamond Edward Chai

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