Wonderful things I won't forget from my La Fayette Park Square experience thru AirBnb

Taking vacations far away can still be very risky because of the Covid-19 pandemic scare; but with AirBnb you can now enjoy and splurge on to activities you used to loved doing.

Diamond Georgina, Gina Juarez, AirBnb, glifestyleph, La Fayette Park Square Iloilo Condominium
Beautiful snaps during my stay at La Fayette Park Square thru AirBnb booking.
Photo taken by my friend Em and Z.

Are you planning for a memorable staycation this coming holiday season? Or maybe you're looking for a safe place to stay where you can conveniently explore the city of love without worrying about its location?  Or probably a night swimming galore with your family or friends? 

You must be really lucky because this post is for you!

I'm so excited to share with you my recent experience during my stay at La Fayette Park Square Condominium Iloilo last week. It was a breathtaking one because I and my friends had a chance to stay in a beautiful two-bedroom penthouse unit situated in the center of the development of Iloilo City.

Condo living in a span of 3 days and 2 nights is a dream come true. The beautiful facade and its lovely architecture make me feel like I'm living a dream of traveling to France and Spain.

About La Fayette Park Square Iloilo

La Fayette Park Square is a highly-luxurious condominium set in Iloilo Business Park, Iloilo City. It is charming and elegant featuring French and Spanish architecture, evoking a lifestyle that perfectly suits the lifestyle of the Ilonggos. 

Diamond Georgina, Gina Juarez, AirBnb, glifestyleph, La Fayette Park Square Iloilo Condominium

It is a 16-story residential tower with 316 units ranging from studio to three-bedroom units. Its location makes everything perfect because it is near all commercial strips, lifestyle malls, boutique hotels, convention centers like ICON, and other significant IT offices. 

Convenience and Advantages of booking thru Airbnb

Booking can be stressful sometimes and can eat up a lot of time. While booking through AirBnb speaks about value because it is real-time, convenient, and as easy as 1 2 3. 

Diamond Georgina, Gina Juarez, AirBnb, glifestyleph, La Fayette Park Square Iloilo Condominium-swimming pool
Gina Juarez. Photo by Prod z Photography. 

Using the app can give so many advantages like ease of viewing of your target property. You could check and see real reviews from guests who have booked the property with photos. 

AirBnb displays realistic photos giving its future guests a sense of trust and confidence. Properties are hosted by admins who are called "Hosts or Superhosts", whom you can engage with and chat your concerns if there are any in order to make sure things and so you can have the best stay possible.

Moreover, the app is flexible and easy to use especially for first-time users.

About the Space

The unit we had during our stay is situated on the 5th floor of the condominium. It is nice, well-lit, and has a fully-functional kitchen. It was indeed spacious to accommodate us and so we did not have any trouble all throughout our stay. 

The unit is equipped with a kitchen with oven, Refrigerator, 2-way Intercom Camera Panel, water heater, 55"Smart TV Youtube ready, Prepaid Wireless Internet, and 2 private balconies.

Amenities include 2 relaxing pools, Jacuzzi, a Garden, Fitness Gym, and an Indoor/Outdoor Playhouse for kids. Guest can access to swimming pools, fitness gym, and indoor/outdoor kids playhouse.

Diamond Georgina, Gina Juarez, AirBnb, glifestyleph, La Fayette Park Square Iloilo Condominium
In the photo: Gina Juarez of G Lifestyle Ph, Nile Kris Jan Banga of Nile on Weekends, and Andrea Guanco of Feature Iloilo at La Fayette Park Square, Iloilo City.

We hung out in the living area as a group, did some recordings, and ate snacks while chatting. We enjoyed our time together over some food and Netflix, comfortably seated on the couch. 

The unit also has a window where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset in the afternoon. It is a great place for families who want to experience luxury without breaking the bank. If you wish to book this listing, feel free to use this link 

Booking thru sites like Airbnb is way cheaper but as posh as staying in a hotel.

Other activities you can do

During our stay, we did not miss checking on the pool and had some of our photos taken there. I honestly can't get over it yet. The whole property was amazing! They have a gym, swimming pool, nursery, and a lot more. Check out more photos below:

Diamond Georgina, Gina Juarez, AirBnb, glifestyleph, La Fayette Park Square Iloilo Condominium
The gym at La Fayette Park Square Iloilo via AirBnb.

Diamond Georgina, Gina Juarez, AirBnb, glifestyleph, La Fayette Park Square Iloilo Condominium, Airbnb
The living room at 5h La Fayette Park Square Iloilo.

Let me know what you think of this property. If you want to know more information about this listing, visit https://tinyurl.com/mr358tjr

For more information about listings in Iloilo City, visit www.airbnb.com/philippines/stays . #TravelAsJuan

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