Iloilo City Hospital to rise in Brgy. San Pedro Molo district

Iloilo City, Philippines — A 100-bed hospital will be constructed in Brgy. San Pedro, Molo district with a beautiful view of the Iloilo river and Esplanade 2.

Iloilo City Hospital
Iloilo City Hospital is soon to rise in Iloilo City.

The need for more hospitals was highlighted at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. The city currently has eight private hospitals and two public hospitals, which also cater to patients all over Panay. During the covid surge, these hospitals reached full capacity that they could no longer accept more patients.

"This is one of our priorities to deliver a more efficient and effective public health service to the Ilonggos as well as to decongest the existing hospitals of patients coming from all over Panay," Mayor TreƱas said. 

According to Dr. Roland Jay Fortuna, the city’s focal person for Covid-19, the permit to construct the medical facility was already approved by the Department of Health, and other pertinent documents needed for the bidding are being prepared. Once the bidding is done, the construction of the structure will commence immediately.

“The Iloilo City Hospital is a Level 2 and departmentalized hospital, with a 100-bed capacity. It will have OB-Gyne, surgery, pedia, and internal medicine. It will be located near the molecular laboratory,” said Dr. Fortuna.

“There are enough beds in the 10 hospitals in Iloilo City to cater to city residents, but due to the lack of Intensive Care Units and tertiary care in provincial hospitals, many patients outside the city seek medical care in our hospitals here. This is why we need more hospitals,” Fortuna added.

The hospital will rise in Brgy. San Pedro, Molo on a lot overlooking the beautiful Iloilo River near Esplanade 2, and is expected to be completed within two and a half years.

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