Get to know: Jonas Lozano, an Ilonggo Artist and Songwriter

Jonas Lozano, Iloilo City Philippines
Jonas Lozano, Iloilo City Philippines

Who is Jonas Lozano?

Jonas Lozano is an Ilonggo artist, singer and songwriter based in Iloilo City. He is also a worship leader for Christ-Centered Family Church. He joined New Vibe Ph, (a music platform/organization that helps and support local artists in the Philippines) in January 2022.

He was only 19 when his father bought him his first guitar. Both of his parents are in love with music; but it was his dad who introduced him to tons of music albums and records.

He can play various musical instruments like acoustic, bass and electric guitars, ukelele, recorder, timbrel, drums and a little keyboard. He owns a pluggable acoustic guitar and a recorder. 

He has composed many beautiful song pieces dedicating it mostly to his love of his life, Kring.

Just like most of popular artist, Jonas started playing guitar and other musical instruments at church during worship service and music ministries. 

Jonas has always been vocal about his Christianity and his love for music. He uses his talent in music in praising God.  He wrote numerous Christian songs and hymms as well.

According to Jonas, he never considered himself a singer, nor even a musician back then. He just learnt a bit of many things and incorporated it to making something. 

He was making music without knowing that people would love and appreciate his style and his way of telling stories through his songs.

The passionate man is currently busy and overwhelmed yet good in managing his time to fit all his schedules.

Apart from being known as a performer at church and some events, Jonas have been cultivating his Music Ministry and teaching Guitar lessons to children and adults for years.

Jonas working with Ilonggo Musicians

In a written interview, Jonas shared how impressed he is until today of the Ilonggo musicians he has been working with. "Ilonggo musicians are really good, even way better than I am." Jonas added.

Song released on Spotify by Jonas Lozano

Jonas released his song "Gusto Ko Sana" on Spotify on march 22, 2022. He hopes to be heard more and plans to release his compositions to all online music platforms.

"Gusto Ko Sana" (2022) - Spotify

Jonas has only two great reasons why he keeps making new music: one, is to give thanks and acknowledge the bounty from God by serving through music; and two, is to put all his emotions and feeling towards his beloved girlfriend named Kring-Kring. 

Unforgettable Events in Jonas' Career

Jonas recalled his first paid public performance playing his originals last December 20, 2020 at Banquetta Fair, Festive Walk Mall Iloilo.

The passionate artist from Iloilo also appeared in Showtime last February 23, 2022 offering his music to noontime show's online viewers.

Jonas Lozano, Singer/Songwriter on Showtime Online 2022
Jonas Lozano, Singer/Songwriter on Showtime Online 2022.

Jonas Lozano Contact Details:

Email Address:

Mobile Number: +63 946 945 7937

Jonas hopes and pray for his well-being, safety, and stable finances for the things that he do. "Ten years from now, I see my self married to music and to my music - Kring." Jonas Lozano shared.

Indeed, Jonas is a wonderful man with aspirations and passion to express and entertain; and commitment to serve the Lord. He is humble, friendly and systematic. 

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  1. One of the nicest things one of the most wonderful person I know has done for me. Heartfelt thanks to you Ma'am Gina. God bless your heart!

  2. Si sir Jonas ay isa sa mga Lodi ko sa indie music. Check nyo na lang songs nya sa youtube para malaman nyo kung bakit .Di pwedeng di ka mapasabay sa beat pag napatugtog na song nya.. lalo na yung fave ko na" kring kring tara na kring kring". Sobrang Catchy. So as always i am thankful na narinig ko ang music nyo po sir Lods Jonas. Wish ko na wag kayo tumigil sa paggawa ng kanta dahil ito ay nakaka aliw at nakakainspire. Keep safe po.

    1. I will relay your comment/message to Jonas Lozano po. Thank you for supporting Ilonggo Artists. They are wonderful and very talented. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and YouTube channel to find more. Thank you.

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