300,000 face masks produced by Uswag seamstresses and tailors during pandemic

When the pandemic striked, everyone was looking into initiatives that could help ease the public's anxiety, and to aide poverty among those who are living their lives below comfort.

93 tailors and seamstresses and produced around 300,000 face masks, , Iloilo Blogger
93 tailors and seamstresses produced around 300,000 face masks

At the height of the pandemic, Ilonggo sewers turned cheesecloth or ‘katsa’ from the bakeries and milling companies that donated free pandesal and made it into face masks.

Dubbed as Uswag Seamstresses and Tailors, the initiative provided livelihood to 93 tailors and seamstresses and produced around 300,000 face masks which are given to the Ilonggos, medical front liners, and enforcement workers.

This is the result of Mayor Jerry P. Treñas’ daughter Raisa’s initiated project together with katsa (cheesecloth) donors and artists who donated their earnings.

Raisa Treñas heads Uswag Community Kitchen and Uswag Sewers.

Raisa Treñas heads Uswag Seamstresses and Tailors initiative.

Treñas thanked bakeries and milling companies that gave cheesecloth materials after giving Ilonggos in need free pandesal totaling 201,594 packs of eight-piece per pack bread.

This has been made possible through the “Ilonggo Artists Against COVID-19” donation drive which raised P3-million funds from sales through the online gallery in May, gathering 300 artworks from 86 artists.

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“Isa sa aton inisyatibo para maprotektahan ang aton mga kasimanwa ang pagpanagtag sang face masks kag naghatag pangabuhian sa aton mga manugtahi. Daku guid ang akon pagpasalamat sa aton mga Uswag sewers nga nakaobra 300,000 face masks para sa mga Ilonggo. Ini paagi sa pagbaligya sang aton mga Ilonggo artist sang paintings nga ginbakal sang materials kag ginsweldo sang aton mga sewers,” Treñas said.

300,000 face masks produced by Uswag seamstresses and tailors during pandemic
Uswag seamstresses and tailors during pandemic

A total of P65,000 or P2,500 per artist was given back to those who weren’t able to sell their works.

“I am very thankful to our artists united in the anti-COVID-19 campaign. I think this is one of the biggest artworks auctions. Ilonggos are patronizing paintings and sculptures for a cause, to help their fellows to provide face masks for our people,” Treñas said.

“Our artists really answered the call for the need of face masks. They have not only showcased their works but they have shown support in the midst of this crisis,” he added. (via Iloilo City PIO)

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