Cosplay, Anime and Kpop Entusiasts, Hobbyists and Merchants gathered for NATSUCON 2022 in Iloilo City

Natsucon is a play of words between Natsu which means summer and Con, short for Convention which means Summer Event. It is a 2-day event held at Robinson's Place Jaro, Iloilo City last April 22-23, 2022.

The event gathered hobbyists, merchants, artists, anime and k pop fanatics, cosplay enthusiasts, and supporters.

Kosudachi Events spearheaded Natsucon with the support of its young proactive volunteers, and media team with ages ranging from 18 to 26 years old.

Know more about Kosudachi Events

It is our organization that is derived from the simple words of Friends who Cosplay. Kosu which is a play of words for Cosplay - Kosupure and Dachi from Tomodachi - Friends. The organizers are friends who wanted to bring back and relive our experiences in both cosplays and in the hobbyists' community!

During the first day of the event, special guests were invited to conduct inspirational talks mainly about "How Creating Content Made an Impact in Their Lives". They shared their experiences, struggles, their growth, inspirations, and plans. An auction of anime stuff and kpop merch was also one of the fun activities the audience enjoyed 

One of the most awaited segments of the event was the cosplay ramp. All participants were gathered together to roam the mall (also called the cosplay parade). The segment allowed them to do individual ramps on stage. The participants were given the spotlight to showcase the personality of the character being portrayed. Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game. 

Cosplaying is an art and a form of self-expression. It can impact a person in many ways including forming good dealing habits with other people, teamwork, and improved artistry.

There were also singing and dance contests showcasing their talents. Merchants set up booths for their merch which was warmly appreciated by the passersby and shoppers. 

It has been 2 years since all events were hampered due to the destruction of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now that things are getting better, everyone's burning passion and cooperation made the event successful and possible.

Here are some of the local merchants and artists who were present during Natsucon 2022:

Merchant Alley for Natsucon 2022

  • Moeru Shop
  • J-R Corner
  • Marrionete Wonderland Shop
  • Fat Madame Merch Shop
  • Syllvari Crafts
  • Cheap Finds Online
  • Quriz2
  • Alpiccaso's Stickies and Printies

Artist Alley for Natsucon 2022

  • Terru
  • Ughyon
  • Chloe Senzai
  • Alfred Cabillion

The images below are the posters for the successful 2-day event Natsucon 2022:

Cosplay, Anime and Kpop Entusiasts, Hobbyists and Merchants gathered for NATSUCON 2022 in Iloilo City

Cosplay, Anime and Kpop Entusiasts, Hobbyists and Merchants gathered for NATSUCON 2022 in Iloilo City

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