GrabFood Delivery-Partner thwarts snatching of senior’s valuables, receives commendation from Iloilo LGU

GrabFood Rider Iloilo
GrabFood Delivery-Partner Levy Marl Bañez [center] is commended by Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas after helping a senior citizen retrieve her stolen items from a snatcher

Iloilo Philippines, 09 February 2023 - Levy Marl Bañez, a GrabFood delivery partner, comes to the rescue of a senior citizen after he retrieves the elderly’s stolen bag filled with cash and valuables from a snatcher.

The quick-thinking GrabFood delivery partner ran after the suspect immediately after witnessing the crime on the afternoon of 02 January 2023.

The chivalry of Bañez did not go unnoticed as the Mayor’s Office of Iloilo held a commendation ceremony for him during the City Hall’s flag ceremony on 06 February 2023. 

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas notes, “Ilonggos truly care for the welfare of one another! With the heroic act of kindness of a GrabFood delivery partner risking his life to retrieve a stolen item, we turned over a Certificate of Commendation and cash as a reward for his bravery.”

Grab’s Head of Western Visayas Operations Jocelyn Ann Yoshida hosted Bañez in the company’s headquarters in Iloilo to personally commend the delivery partner’s heroic initiative. 

Grab rewarded Bañez with new merchandise to help him in his livelihood as a delivery partner and GrabFood vouchers worth Php 5000. “It warms my heart to see Grab’s 4H principles of Heart, Honour, Humility, and Hunger be espoused by all our stakeholders, including our delivery partners. Levy is just one of the many delivery partners of Grab that continue to serve our consumers to the best of their ability – day in, day out. Mabuhay ka, Levy!,” states Yoshida.

“When we can help, we help. This is common among us Ilonggos. Hope my story inspires other people to make the world a better place for all of us. I thank the Iloilo City Government and Grab Philippines for the commendation and cash gifts,” shares Bañez.

The brave delivery partner and father of one has been a GrabFood delivery partner since May 2020. Being a GrabFood delivery partner allowed him to support his family and get his own motorbike which he uses to fulfill bookings on the app. 

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