realme Buds T300 review: Bass moment, best moment!

It's true that technology has become a big part of our lives and it has changed the way we live, the way we communicate, and behave. Technology is probably something that most people won't trade because of the convenience it brings to our lives.

Truly if we use it wisely, it allows us to be more efficient, aware, and advanced with regard to various things. What we have now is access to a better future and effective ways to enjoy our lives. 

Finally, I tried this gratifying product. I am talking about the realme's latest product addition, the realme Buds T300

Perfect-fitting realme Buds T300
Perfect-fitting realme Buds T300

When it arrived at my place, I did not open it right away, because I was giving myself time. It feels surreal because a few months ago, I was just thinking of having it. Now, I have one. I'm grateful to realme Philippines for making it happen! 

I was thinking of how to do an unboxing video of this product. I opened the package, read the details, and took photos of it, as I was planning to make a full review of what I thought of it.

Unboxing the realme Buds T300

realme Buds T300
realme Buds T300

The realme Buds T300 was beautifully packaged in realme's bright yellow signature box with its six key features printed on both sides. The charging case is matte-finished with a green indicator light.

Inside is a pair of elegant black earbuds with its default ear tips protector in the medium tucked on it. The charger case also looks pretty sleek though I find it too delicate and may be prone to scratches. I hope not though!

Inside the package also comes with two extra ear tips in small and large sizes whichever you prefer to use. It comes with a user manual, an important thing where users can check and learn about the features of the product; and a short USB type-C chord for charging.

Design and Build

When I saw the actual product in black, I was happy because "It is so me". I love black by the way. I believe that it looks stylish and chic. Its price point suits me well as a young professional, this product is amazing! 

I learned that the product is water-resistant which is perfect for active and adventurous individuals like me!

realme Buds T300
realme Buds T300 x glifestyleph

My Observations and Experiences with my New realme Buds T300

There is no other way to know if the product works nicely or if it is worth it - you will know by trying and using it. So, I did.

Discover facts about it and consider my reasons why you should also get a pair of realme Buds T300:

Fast and Easy Connectivity

I immediately tried pairing the earbuds to my device by setting up and turning on my Bluetooth service. It uses 5.3 Bluetooth Technology which makes it easy, fast, and hassle-free!

I can say that it has a strong connection and low latency even when I go farther. As per realme, it can detect up to 10 meters. The quality of the sound was good and enjoyable.

Improved Bass audio, excellent sound quality

This feature is I think one of the most features this product should have. It has a 12.4 Dynamic Bass Driver which is bigger than realme's Buds T100 by 24% (12.4mm > 10mm). Its larger audio diaphragm allows the earphones to produce a fuller, more immersive sound, with deeper bass and clearer vocals for that extra boost in one’s audio experience.

I believe that having a better sound experience will always be the best to be happy with a product. Upon learning more, it uses a titanium coating for the diaphragm to be more rigid, with an HTW Wire Coil that contributes to enhanced sound quality, and N52 Magnets for improved sensitivity and more powerful output.

Active Noise Cancellation and Quad-Mic Call Noise Cancellation

In addition to ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation), the device detects unwanted external background noise by emitting opposite waves that cancel them out at up to 30dB; this allows for a more immersed surround sound experience in one’s ears.

The product makes use of the DNN Neural Network as a noise reduction algorithm to intelligently identify a human’s voice and make it clearer in real time during a call for improved call clarity.

This feature is one of the most essential features I would always look at for my Skype classes and online meetings. I usually have meetings outdoors and in cafes, so this makes a perfect product for me. 

Convenient Intelligent Touch Controls

Honestly, I wasn't used to wearing wireless earbuds. I kept on removing the earpiece every time I needed to speak with my colleagues until I realized that it had tapping functions that I didn't have to remove from my ears. With that, I have less probability of losing my device or misplacing it. 

Gestures such as "Double Tap (Play / Pause Music OR Answer / Hang Up Calls); Triple Tap (Next Track), Press and hold one earbud for two seconds (Noise Control Mode & Transparency Mode toggle OR Declining Calls); Press & Hold both earbuds for four seconds (Pairing Mode) are just some of the interesting things you can do with your Buds T300 device.

Most of its gestures and other functions can be looked through or customized through the realme Link App. 

Aside from the useful features I've mentioned, it has other features you shouldn't miss to know.

40-Hour Playback Time

Allows for up to 40 hours of total playback time with the embedded battery in the device and its components (43mAh per earbud; 460mAh for the charging case). The 40-hour playback time is based on having the volume set to 50% with ANC turned off (up to 8 hours of playback in one charge for each earbud, and up to 4 full charges on top of that with the charging case at maximum capacity).

NOTE: Having ANC turned on at 50% volume allows the device to last up to 6 hours per earbud on a single charge, and up to 30 hours of total playback including the charging case. The theoretical calling time of the earbuds is at least 4 hours with or without ANC turned on (results will vary).

50ms Super Low Latency

In relation to its capability to support Bluetooth 5.3, connection to a Bluetooth source is made more stable and faster than the previous generation. The full 50ms latency can be attained by switching on Gaming Mode for a really seamless experience; having nearly perfectly synced video to audio for any media streamed.

NOTE: Also uses Low Latency Binaural Simultaneous Transmission that aids in bringing down the latency to 50ms

360° Spatial Audio Effect

The device has an embedded chip inside each earbud that is capable of intelligently rendering a 360° surround sound experience for its user for a more prominent audio experience reminiscent of cinema or theatre-quality immersion.

Individual Rear Cavity Design

Uses a lower damping mesh in order to greatly improve the audio output for low and mid frequencies while retaining sound clarity.

Supports Dolby Atmos

Provides immersive stereo surround sound to make the audio from consumed media more engaging may it be music, games, or videos. This feature is only compatible when connected to a device that also supports Dolby Atmos.

IP55 Dust & Water Resistance

Has been certified and ensured with level 5 Dust and level 5 Water (Splash) resistance for added peace of mind with protection from external factors such as dirt, rain, and sweat that could cause potential damage to the device.

NOTE: This only applies to the earbuds themselves, not the charging case

Fast Charging

Charging the earbuds in their charging case for just 10 minutes of charging to grant up to 7 hours of total playback time (volume at 50% and ANC off); whereas a single charge for 10 minutes directly to the charging case with the earbuds placed inside allows for up to 4 hours of total playback time

NOTE: Supports Type C Charging

Google Fast Pair

Able to detect and connect to a compatible device right out of the box in just one click with Google Fast Pair

realme Link App Compatibility

Like all other audio devices under realme, the device supports realme Link App Compatibility for real-time monitoring of the device’s battery status, gesture controls, equalizer modes, and more.

Trendy & Ergonomic Design

Makes use of a trendy design, with a clean external concept, and is made with material that’s comfortable to the touch while coming in two colorways. The charging case opens to up to 110°, and each earbud only weighs 4.1 grams, with the charging case weighing 32.5 grams.

Real Quality

Added assurance that the device has gone through rigorous tests inclusive of 5,000 times of plugging and unplugging from the charging port; 10,000 times of opening and closing the charging case; 2,000 times of a charging port stability test; -20/60° C extreme temperature tests for 96 hours; and -50° C / RH 95% high temperature & high humidity tests.

Price Details

The realme Buds T300 is priced at PHP 1,599 SRPColors available are: (a) Stylish Black and (b) Youth White and was first launched last November 9, 2023! 

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