Boracay Budget Travel 2024: Making memories with family

Boracay, Philippines
In Photo: With my family at Boracay, Philippines

It's January but the heat of the sun is overwhelming and it feels like it is almost summer. My sister was home for a month-long vacation and so, she decided to bring the whole family to Boracay. 

Boracay is a 5-hour trip away from Passi City by bus - the cheapest way to get there. We took the second trip, that's around 4:30 in the morning. 

It was indeed a long journey so I decided to induce sleep even if it was uncomfortable. I woke up after about 3 hours in Kalibo Bus Terminal. It was already bright and people were busy. It was Ati-Atihan week and people flocked to Kalibo, Aklan to join the festivities. 

After 2 hours, we finally arrived at Caticlan Jetty Port. We went straight to the guest verification window and then lined up to pay the fees. 

For non-Aklanon tourists like us, we need to pay a mandatory Terminal Fee of P150 and an Environmental Fee of P150 each. The Boat Fee costs P50 for one-way. 

A 20% discount applies to all fees for students and senior tourists. Make sure you have your ID cards. Mandatory fees are used to help the local government units to maintain cleanliness and work things better.  

There were many people, but It wasn't overly crowded. The processes were smooth except for the private agencies who will offer you their services like facilitating your fees and transportation to the nearest station to your hotel at a slightly higher cost.

We took the e-tricycle and headed to Station 2. 

We were having a quick photo op at the plaza, and a local guy approached us to offer his service to take our photos and videos. 

Many locals work as tour guides and offer various island services. We had a chat with him and he offered us some water sports activities and the like, and my sister booked to do a Parasail the next day.  
Boracay Philippines
Tickets before going in the island; the family room at Madid's Inn, Station 2, Boracay.

We arrived at our hotel early, however, the check-in time was at 2PM. When we arrived, the owner was there and welcomed us nicely. I told him that I'd settle the balance but stopped me and said "Ma'am. please do take a rest first." So thoughtful of him.

So we settled in a family room that accommodated us six. The room was spacious, decent, and nice. The comfort room was clean and the air conditioner was working properly. It was a great deal at Php 3,500 (promo rate) for a night for six people. We stayed at Madid's Inn located at Station 2 at the front beach. The location was perfect! You should check out this place. 

We had a picnic at the beach and enjoyed our time under the trees. We brought our lunch and cooked our dinner, so we saved a lot of cash. (We brought a rice cooker to cook rice and Sinigang. We bought the fresh fish from the market.)

Traveling with the whole family can break the bank, so we opted to cook most of our meals, instead. It was a fun experience!

Boracay Philippines
In Frame: We had a picnic by the beach, and enjoying the sunset later.

I've been to Boracay many times and this was one of my favorites. Spending time with family is really a heart-warming experience. The trip was unique and memorable.

We witnessed the beautiful sunset together with the other tourists. It was really pretty and the weather was really nice.

We went swimming, had a stroll, ate halo-halo, had some french fries, and enjoyed the music playing.

The next day, I and my sister met the tour agent for our Parasailing activity. I also enjoyed driving the speed boat.

It was an expensive experience for a 15-minute ride. I felt dizzy up there, but the whole experience was good, though kinda' scary, and breathtaking at the same time. I'll go for a banana boat ride next time! 

In Frame: Parasailing with sister

I and my family had a wonderful time. I want to share this moment with you. I'd like to put this into writing so I can go back to it one day.

Given more chances, we will bring the whole family to another pleasant destination. Wish me the best!

Check this out as of January 2024:

• Php 3,500 - Hotel Room Accommodation for six people (Madid’s Inn Station 2) I recommend!

• Php 410 each - Bus fare from Passi City Terminal to Caticlan Jetty Port and vice versa

• Php 510 each - If you are traveling from Iloilo City to Caticlan Jetty Port and vice versa

• Php 150 each - Caticlan Terminal Fee upon entry and exit
• Php 150 each - Environmental Fee
• Php 50 each - Boat Fee
• Php 200 / trip - One (1) trip (good for 6-8 pax) one way from Cagban Jetty Port to D'Mall Station 2
• Php 3,500 - Parasailing Fee for two (2)
• Php 150 - Crystal kayak

You can check the other water sports rates from Tour Agents.

Note: We were six during our trip. 

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