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Blogger's Story: Life and Success

I grew up in a family of five. My father was a military and had no time for us. I partly lived my life with my aunts who are unmarried and does not know how it feels to have a kid. My mother was always busy for our little business in the city way back I was young, while I am stuck with my aunts.

During my elementary years, I was always a top student in the class. I have a lot of friends who are loving and very supportive in everything that I do. I do most things that an ordinary kid can't. I excel in both academics and extra-curricular activities. In short, I do everything just to make my family and mom happy.

The time I am about to graduate in my elementary, instead of getting the top rank and be awarded as valedictorian, I wasn't. It was not because I did not do well, but unfortunately, it was because my teacher had a personal conflict with my family. After we knew the fact that we can't change, we were all frustrated. Mom couldn't believe that after all these years …