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Globe myBusiness Academy presents Create.The Future of Local Businesses

Iloilo City, Philippines -- Globe myBusiness Academy held one of their biggest event outside Manila last June 28, 2018, Thursday in SM City Iloilo North Wing. A heart-warming and helpful event in the City of Love featuring one of the country's finest Motivational Speaker Mr. Francis Kong. Together with other successful speakers Mr. Hussain Khalid of Lazada, Rovy Rivera of Globe myBusiness Academy, Sir EJ Arboleda of Taxumo, Atty. Jobert Penaflorida of PCCI and Miss Michelle Lleong of 1010Life & Lifesprings Community Center giving valuable insights about Technology, Entrepreneurship and the Future.

Very Important People holding hands
 together as a symbol of tight connection of the City of Iloilo
embracing technology as a new way of doing business in the Digital World.
City Mayor Joe Espinosa III warmly spoke to the crowd with genuine excitement sharing his and his family's wonderful experiences with Globe while integrating Technology in their lives as a family of entrepreneurs. In fact, all his 4 girls are engaged in "digital marketing" or doing business using the internet both to local and global markets. He was very happy and thankful of what Globe has brought to the city. He was referring to the free event Globe has sponsored which is bringing wonderful speakers to influenced and motivate people of Iloilo City about technology, entrepreneurship and developments.
City Mayor Joe Espinosa III
Prior to the event, Registrations and Redemption Booths were opened for all the delegates to record some data for the e-raffles. The ushers were nice and active in assisting everyone. The delegates were asked to download Globe myBusiness app for them to scan some QR codes as an entry for the prices to be given away! Freebies and  tokens were generously given to who were able to register electronically. The event officially started with a band of Iloilo Dinagyang Warriors who breathlessly and gracefully welcomed all guests from Manila and all attendees. A electronic button was activated as a symbol of Iloilo City joining the digital evolution.  

Francis Kong, Motivational Speaker
The speakers emphasized the importance of technology and the urgency to embrace it. Yes, "Change is scary but it is scarier not to change." We are now living in a Millennial Age and will soon have more and more developments and advancement. Whether we like it or not, things are going to happen. But there's only one similar message to convey to everyone during the event, specially to those living in a developing society like Iloilo City, that is to embrace, learn and master technology as much as we can.

Francis Kong, Motivational Speaker
The Motivational Speaker Francis Kong talked about the common problems that our society is facing. He also sighted examples of jobs and professions that may disappear very soon because of technology. He emphasized that the top 3 reasons why most family businesses fail is that (1) No Technology, (2) No Professionalism and (3) No Succession. 

Entrepreneurs should understand that business is all about solving problems. The purpose is to meet the needs. We should always see an opportunity in a problem and our mindsets should always be like that.

Mr. Rovy Rivera of
Globe myBusiness Academy
The second speaker Rovy Rivera of Globe myBusiness tackled technical notes about Digital Marketing as a new way of marketing and also taught important basics in order to succeed in the digital world. He strongly advised three important things, "Be There", "Be Found", and "Be Engaging".He mentioned the use of organic and paid advertisements as an effective way in marketing online.

EJ Arboleda of Taxumo
The third speaker EJ Arboleda of Taxumo, shared his works and interesting ways on how to create a website. It is important to understand the need before making or buying an intellectual property such as websites, which are very much dominant nowadays. He believes that people must be aware that your brand exist.

Mr. Hussain Khalid of Lazada
The fourth speaker was very special because of his company's milestones in terms of digital business. Mr. Hussain Khalid, Marketing VP of Lazada was enthusiastically present to give updates about how he personally saw the advantage and potential if you are online. He invited everyone to use Lazada as a tool or platform in selling anything, anywhere and anytime.

Atty. Jobert Penaflorida of PCCI
Atty. Jobert Penaflorida, a former anchor of a local tv, owner of Fiesta Souvenirs are now applying technology to their business. He is now the chairman of Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) and was there, spoke to support and encouraged locals to do the same.

Michelle Lleong of 1010Life/Lifesprings
Finally, Michelle Lleong of 1010Life gave a mind-blowing talk about how should entrepreneurs think by changing the "Mindset" itself. She says that in business connectivity and collaboration is one of the best way to put your business on fire! She also introduced Lifesprings Community Center as a great venue for gatherings and an epicenter of ideas. Located in the center of development, R. Mapa St. Manduriao, Iloilo.
A electronic button was activated as a symbol of
Iloilo City joining the digital evolution.

It was an empowering activity full of fun, prizes, learning and creation of hybrid ideas and making lives better! Thank you Globe for bringing us all these wonderful things together today.

Also, Gorgeous Lifestyle Ph won a Fiesta Shirt during the e-raffle! 🤓😍🤓



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