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Natural Solution: Baldness is not forever !

"Who said that baldness is forever!!!

I totally disagree with the idea that baldness is just normal, and once someone have it, you have to accept that it won't grow again, coz it is forever.

This informative post will give hope to all men and women suffering from hair loss and gradual baldness due to many factors including health conditions, age, stress, HDT, hereditary, menopausal, physical and harsh chemical treatments, etc.

I believe that baldness, thinning of hair or whatever you call it, is something that we can fix. I can personally testify that I was one of the ladies who terribly maltreated my hair by coloring it, heat-styling, etc. I experienced alarming hair fall way back few months. So, I decided to eat a more balanced food (eating more fiber-rich food) and tried Gugo Hair Wonder ,a white and sturdy organic shampoo in a bar form produced for dlc shareconomy inc and distributed by Hair Wonders Philippines. 

I used the shampoo bar daily for almost 5 straight months …