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“Is El Nido Really Beautiful?” My Honest Opinion about El Nido, Palawan, Philippines.

"Is El Nido Palawan Really Beautiful?” My Honest Opinion about El Nido.

It has been weeks since my five-day and four-nights trip to Palawan. Just to mention, it was my second time visiting the scenic and adventure-wise province for my hasty vacation. It’s such a wonderful place. It was a worth-while experience to relish the grandeur the creator hath made, esp. with someone very special in my life. As you all know, I have always been in love with nature, the mountains, the forest and most especially, the beach. Just like you, I would always fuss just to explore, recreate, have lots of fun, and dream for a more comfortable life! You know, and you must agree that it’s more gratifying to work unfailingly if you have the desire to become better, and if you have expensive dreams to hang on.

For me, “time” is still the most precious commodity in life. It is the quality time for family and loved-ones. You will definitely achieve the “luxury of time” if you have helped and established yours…

Iloilo to Host Gran Fondo New York | Press Release

Experience Biking in a Beautiful Countryside: Iloilo to Host Gran fondo New York
This September, all bike roads will lead to Iloilo Province as it hosts the second Gran Fondo New York (GNFY) event iin the Philippines. This edition of GFNY Philippines is set to be a hotly-contested race among Asia's elite and international riders to see who will be crowned GFNY Asia Champion.
The event, which will be held on September 22, 2019, will offer a world-class experience to nearly 1000 cyclists from across the Philippines and from 15 nations. The competitive long-distanc course is 133km and has 650 meters climbing. There is also a non-competitive middl-distance course covering 64km and 220 meter of climbing.
What's more, the global cycling marathon brand has held prestigious events in different places such as New York, Argentina, Bali-Indonesia, Brazil, Italy, Jerusalem-Israel will award GFNY Iloilo's overall male and female with the competitive long distance with flights, accomoda…