“Is El Nido Really Beautiful?” My Honest Opinion about El Nido, Palawan, Philippines.

El Nido Palawan, Activities to do in El Nido, Glifestyleph
Diamond Georgina travels at El Nido, Palawan Philippines. July 23-25, 2019

It has been weeks since my five-day and four-nights trip to Palawan. Just to mention, it was my second time visiting the scenic and adventure-wise province for my hasty vacation. It’s such a wonderful place. It was a worth-while experience to relish the grandeur the creator hath made, esp. with someone very special in my life. As you all know, I have always been in love with nature, the mountains, the forest and most especially, the beach. Just like you, I would always fuss just to explore, recreate, have lots of fun, and dream for a more comfortable life! You know, and you must agree that it’s more gratifying to work unfailingly if you have the desire to become better, and if you have expensive dreams to hang on.

El Nido Palawan, The Birdhouse El Nido, Activities to do in El Nido, Glifestyleph
A five-star view from The Birdhouse Restaurant overlooking the Bacuit Archipelago.

For me, “time” is still the most precious commodity in life. It is the quality time for family and loved-ones. You will definitely achieve the “luxury of time” if you have helped and established yourself to live comfortably. #timefreedomadvocate 💕

We go far to develop grit and to dream harder. Traveling is a heart-warming activity. It is healthy and it is blissful. Traveling is for everyone; and everyone must travel once in a while. It is a stirring reformation that everyone must do for better production and clearer vision of what and how life has to be.

El Nido Palawan, Activities to do in El Nido, Glifestyleph
Sun bath, way going to Seven Comandos, El Nido Palawan.

El Nido Palawan, Activities to do in El Nido, Glifestyleph
Beautiful and magestic karst in Bacuit Bay, El Nido Palawan.

El Nido Palawan, Activities to do in El Nido, Glifestyleph
Beautiful and astonishing stone formations in El Nido, Philippines.

El Nido Palawan, Activities to do in El Nido, Glifestyleph
El Nido, Palawan, Philippines 

El Nido Palawan Activities

All the destinations we visited are beautiful and unique. El Nido beaches are mostly untouched, cleaner and rich with marine animals. El Nido is simply nice and fascinating. The cliffy destinations were splendid and under waters, for me, is literally jaw-dropping! I can definitely say that it is a perfect haven for diamond lifestyle activities. Underwater activities is scary, but yes, a must-try in El Nido. After seeing everything underwater, I told myself to train and practice more swimming. Soon will gather my courage to learn diving. The grandeur of nature is something to be adored and pleasured. I just can’t get enough with the wonderful creatures I saw underwater. It was  a delightful moment swimming with the school of fish.

Just to recap, the things you can most do to really enjoy El Nido is to of course to swim, snorkel, kayaking, diving: if you’re good and equipped, walk in woods before a trek, visit nearby beaches for a walk, rent a motorbike, eat and immerse with the locals. I know you have plans visiting El Nido soon, never missed these kinds of activities. Anyway, you’ll forget the 6-hour long-drive you have endured after all these. I’m telling you that it’s worth a try. It is a must to do discover El Nido, because El Nido is captivating!

El Nido Palawan, Activities to do in El Nido, Glifestyleph
Kayaking going to Small Lagoon. Photo with JD, my best buddy.


... but remember that it is still a matter of preference. As for me, I am a beach bum and I would definitely choose to be with this kind of beauty. I am traveller who loves adventures and physical activities for most instances.

Disclaimer: The description I have used in this article is based on how I look at it and how I personally feel about it. The beauty of a place is based on how a person appreciate it. If you’re a person who just want selfies, then this place is not for you. El Nido is a place for adventure! Get dirty and have fun! This paradise is famous for its underwater attraction; again, it is an adventure-wise travel destination.

El Nido Palawan, Activities to do in El Nido, Glifestyleph
Please excuse my uneven face. Well, when I'm at the beach, I make sure I get dirty!

El Nido Palawan, Activities to do in El Nido, Glifestyleph
Before we left El Nido, we managed to visit Marimegmeg Beach and The Birdhouse El Nido, a distinct restaurant nestled at the top of the mountain overlooking the beautiful Bacuit Bay, where most island hopping tours happen.

Is El Nido Palawan Really Beautiful?”

El Nido is a true paradise. It is a small Philippine municipality on Palawan island, known for white-sand beaches and coral reefs. It is a gateway to the beautiful Bacuit archipelago, a group of islands with steep exceptional cliffs. Several destinations is waiting for you to explore and dive in. One of the irresistible and unique places to visit is Miniloc Island which is famed for the clear waters of its Small and Big lagoons. Nearby is Shimizu Island where we had our lunch served, a specific spot with crystal clear and fish-filled waters. The whole area is comprised of unique diving sites, including Dilumacad Island’s long tunnel leading to an underwater cavern. Most of our activities during the beach tour happened underwater. Too bad for me I have not yet invested for an action cam. I wished I was able to record the bountifulness and wondrousness of the sea. Swimming while cruising the under waters of Palawan is a priceless experience.

We stayed for 3 days in El Nido. We spent our time mostly beaching out, wandering the streets and trying to immerse with the locals. One main reason why we travel is the intention to have conversations with the locals. It’s a chance for us to know more about the place. And by doing so, we also improve ourselves in dealing with different kinds of people with different cultures, personalities and beliefs. Actually, there’s  nothing much to see down town except for the blue tri-wheeled vehicle coming back and forth. Life in El Nido is simple and fun.

Any trip to El Nido requires every traveler to be fit for all the physical activities. The fact that you have to endure the long trip from Puerto Prinsesa City to the municipality itself; it’s a 6-hour drive. You are encouraged to have high endurance and open-mindedness.

There were developed areas and more upcoming business infrastructures. The basic transportation fee is fairly higher than the usual. If you are planning to rove around the place, its way better and cheaper to rent a motorbike. 

“Is El Nido Palawan Really Beautiful?” 


Travel Date: El Nido, Palawan —July 23-25, 2019
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan— July 25-27, 2019 💕 
Article by Diamond Georgina, Iloilo Philippines 

Diamond Georgina

Diamond Georgina is a lifestyle entrepreneur and blogger based in Iloilo City. Apart from blogging and being a professional salesperson, she loves filming (video content), traveling, and emerging in communities. She considers herself a life-long learner. Feel free to collaborate.

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