Saturday, December 21, 2019

What I did in Cebu: Let me show you a bit of my trip to Cebu!

During our quick stay, we had a wonderful day with the lovely marine and tropical animals at Cebu Ocean Park! This day-tour was enough to feed our hungry selves with such awesomeness all over the place.

What to expect in Cebu Ocean Park? 

This tourist spot in Cebu recently open this September 2019, and is still on soft opening. (Check put their website for their grand opening.) The facilities were almost complete, and according to their staffs, there are already many tourists coming in and out everyday. 

The whole facility is clustered into parts: a jungle trek where you will be able to see beautiful birds flying around and some tropical marine animals inside huge aquariums; jaw-dropping exhibits of most rare species of animals such as amphibians, reptiles, arachnids, etc.; different aquariums sizes filed with beautiful small to medium-sized marine creatures; a tunnel where you can see small to medium-sized sharks, sting rays and a lot more (which mostly I can no longer identify).

Tunnel Aquarium at Cebu Ocean Park
After witnessing the gorgeous day, our indoor tour at Cebu Ocean Park was wrapped-up by an interesting bird show. Beautiful parrots in different species were proudly showcased with their skills in doing smart tricks. One shocking trick done was a “money-smart trick” where Mr. Bird needed a new friend to participate during its trick. Since I am and I was obviously having fun, I participated and met the bird face-to-face. I was asked to bring a five hundred peso bill as props.  And wow! The parrot was smart enough to get the money out from my hand and it drop the yellow bill to a donation box! I was shocked! I thought it was just a game! πŸ˜‚ 

I was already making my self accept that my money is gone and will be donated to Cebu Ocean Park’s unique programs in support of nature and wildlife preservations. (But I was glad, because it was really just a joke! They returned the money. I got it and kept it, coz I have not brought enough cash for the day.) It was crazy! πŸ™ƒ

It was a cheerful day with the adorable animals. And yes, I would definitely encourage everyone to drop by Cebu Ocean Park, located behind SM Seaside Cebu and have a look! The feeling you’ll get is calming and will surely warm your heart. Cebu Ocean Park is a great place for family bondings, couples dating, school-trips and even just for a quick escape from your city life’s hustle and bustles. 

Entrance Fee as of November 2019 is Php 600/head for locals; and Php 800/head for our foreign friends. (Check Cebu Ocean Park website for updates: )


The Cebu Ocean Park is located beside the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel, at the back of SM Seaside City Cebu in South Road Properties (SRP) in Cebu City.

How to get there?

Easiest way to go there is by taking a taxi or a grab car so you will arrive in a good mood and fresh. It will cost you approximately Php 120 - Php 200. Another option is by taking a SM service bus from Cebu City proper to SM Seaside City Cebu. 

Remember that hiring a private car or taxi saves up time and energy, while commuting by bus or jeepney is honestly exhausting and unenjoyable, because you will need to wait and compete with other mall goers and locals on their way home living in the area, plus traffic jams. 

This article is written with gladness and not sponsored by Cebu Ocean Park. This article aims to serve whatever purpose it may serve. Thank you for reading and if you think this is helpful, please help us share.

Thank you and see you on our next getaway! 

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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Season’s Treats at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo | Press Release

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for sweet indulgences to savor and to share with loved ones! At the Richmonde Hotel Iloilo, expect a treasure trove of mouthwatering baked goodies you can include in your holiday celebrations and Christmas lists for family and friends.

Satisfy cravings for a sweet and salty treat with Richmonde’s famous Ensaymada. This best-selling delicacy is soft, buttery, cheesy and delicious all over. And with its generous size, it’s a filling snack that’s perfect for the holidays especially if paired with a hot cup of native tsokolate. The Richmonde Ensaymada also comes in ube flavor.

French Macarons at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo

Platter of Treats here at Richmonde Hotel.

Another signature pastry, the Richmonde Chocolate Cake, with its moist, velvety smoothness and rich, fudgy flavor, is another favorite that you can buy at Richmonde. This season, it gets a holiday makeover to spruce up your Christmas dessert table and bring some holiday cheer. It comes in 4”, 6” and 8” sizes.

Since Ilonggos are known for their sweet tooth, Richmonde Hotel Iloilo brings a delightful sugar rush with a variety of cakes, breads and pastries to enjoy during the holidays. You can’t go wrong with the smooth and moist carrot cake which comes in 4”, 6” and 8” sizes (PhP 325, PhP 850, and PhP 1,150, respectively), together with the Choco Banana Loaf (PhP 325) and Banana Walnut Loaf (PhP 345), which are all tried-and-tested favorites. Must-try new creations include the Fruit Tart Clafoutis (PhP 1,050/8”), Vanilla Custaroons (PhP 350/6 pcs), Handmade Napoleones (PhP 495/6 pcs), Mini Cheesecake (PhP 500/6 pcs), Pineapple Turnover (PhP 350/6 pcs), and French Macarons (PhP 500/6 pcs). Another delicious original creation to add to our goodies list is the Iloilo Paris Bun which is a sweet, crusty bun filled with yummy custard (PhP 250/6 pcs). These season’s treats are available until January 5, 2020.

   For a nominal fee, all these delectable items can be packaged in holiday boxes trimmed with festive Yuletide ribbons for that perfect gift. All orders must be placed in advance with a 50% deposit and a 48-hour lead time prior to pick up.
So take your pick from among Richmonde’s divine delicacies and make your Christmas yummier and merrier!

Drop by The Granary at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo to order your holiday goodies or call (6333) 328-7888 or send an email to To know more about the hotel, log on to or follow Richmonde Hotel Iloilo on Facebook, and Richmonde.RHI on Instagram. Richmonde Hotel Iloilo is located at Megaworld Boulevard cor. Enterprise Road, Iloilo Business Park, Mandurriao, Iloilo City 5000, Philippines. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Deco's Batchoy Valeria goes Ramen-style | Press Release

Deco's Batchoy Valeria goes Ramen-style

Ilonggos can enjoy a bowl of hot and steamy delicious Deco's La Paz Batchoy in a clean, convenient and vibrant environment in its Valeria Branch, Iloilo City.

Located at La Salette Building, Deco's Valeria features an eat-and-watch design wherein customers can see their batchoy being prepared at the counter.

Owners and licensed operators of Deco’s Lapaz Batchoy Ted and Marichel Magalona and other valuable members of Deco’s Team. 

Its walls depict Ilonggo culture and heritage, making the Valeria branch not just a great dining location but also perfect for picture taking for both locals and tourists.

Deco's La Paz Batchoy Valeria is the second Deco's branch that features a Ramen house-style design with a touch of Ilonggo culture and heritage. The other one is Deco's in Robinsons Place Jaro.

With Iloilo City a venue for Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE), SB Magalona Alliance, the licensed operator of Deco's La Paz Batchoy is keen on revolutionizing the look of a batchoyan in Iloilo to make it more exciting and safe for guests.

Marichel Magalona, chief executive officer of SBMA, said that despite their modernization, Deco's La Paz Batchoy continues to prepare this old-time favorite dish the traditional way.

“We continue to prepare our soup the same way it was done when it was created by Federico Guillergan Sr. before the 2nd World War broke out. This is how Ilonggos love their batchoy, and to this day we continue to please their palate,” says Magalona.

Deco's La Paz Batchoy Menu

Called "The Father of All Batchoys", Deco's has branches in Robinsons Place Iloilo, Robinsons Place Jaro and Valeria Street.

Deco’s Lapaz Batchoy best matches with Pluto.

Deco's offerings include Special Batchoy, Super Batchoy, and Extra Batchoy. One may choose among egg noodles, miswa and bihon. The ingredients include a hot clear soup of boiled bone marrow, meat (pork or beef), liver, guinamos (local shrimp paste), chicharon and garlic.

Deco's also serves Diniguan, Siopao, Siomai, Pandesal and Puto.

Deco's La Paz Batchoy also offers food vouchers (gift idea!). The vouchers, with the P100 denomination, are available and honored in the abovementioned branches.

Deco's Batchoy Valeria Highlights the following features: 

* Ramen-house style
* Eat and watch as your batchoy is prepared
* Clean place, Instagrammable wall
* Soup made by boiling bone marrow, no shortcuts
* Batchoy sizes: Special, Super and Extra
* Also serves Diniguan, Siopao, Siomai, Pandesal and Puto

πŸ“Visit Deco’s Original Lapaz Batchoy at La Salette Building, Valeria St, Iloilo City.

For updates, follow them on social media:
Facebook: Deco's La Paz Batchoy
Instagram: @decosbatchoy

Press Release | Dec 17, 2019

More photos here!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Everything Makes Me Cry These Days

As I watch the Barbie Kids adorably show cuteness and simply having fun on stage, I honestly can’t stop my tears from falling. I know I’m distressed (everyone goes thru this) and everything these days makes me emotional. Watching everyone, makes me remember my self when I was little when I had no responsibilities, no expectations to achieve, no people to please, no heartaches, no troubles. A time where “I can simply do anything and just be anything!”

The Barbie Kids playing Relay Game during the Barbie Gives Back Program:”You can be anything!” theme at Festive Walk Mall, Megaworld, Iloilo.

When I was little, I used to have Barbie Dolls with me whom I can always talk to. Who else haven’t played a Barbie Doll during childhood, right? Even daddies do! Amidst of my unfavorable and unstable emotional self, joy, confidence and cuteness spiced up the season. But it made me cry more! I miss the simplicity of life and the support and comforting hugs of my mom. The kids are totally making me cry (I don’t know why). I have recapped many things I still want to do in life, all my petty aspirations to keep pushing. I have been wanting some physical activities, that can help my self better and finer. 

Fashion Show for Barbie Collector’s items
Barbie Gives Back

At the moment, as I write the content, I feel spirited and keen realizing that I must have no reason to breakdown and lose. I don’t wanna live a dreary life, be worried and ugly. As I watch glammed Barbie Kids ramping and moving around, with genuine happiness on their faces, again, I have evoked that my situation right now, all the playful emotions that drags me down is just temporary. So I must let it pass, if not, our own emotions will break us, will tarnish our own persona, and it can even break our relationships.

Barbie brand continues to inspire more and more men and women in the world and always leaves us a reminder that “You can be anything!” You can be happy, fulfilled and become an inspiration! Barbie has reminded me to stronger and become an inspiration. 

As Barbie celebrates its 60th Anniversary, Barbie Philippines is giving away toys for the underprivileged children. In Iloilo, it was their initiative in partnership with Megaworld Lifestyle Malls the imparting of toys to the underprivileged kids of Cameleon Foundation Philippines in Passi City for every purchase of Babrbie products. Barbie believes that all children has the right to enjoy life and play. 

The event took place inside Festive Walk Mall Iloilo beside Adidas shop on a Sunday, 14th of December 2019 at 4:00 PM. An exciting fashion show contest kicked off the event. It was participated by funky children accompanied by their active and supportive parents. The event gave a more jumpy experience to everyone as variety of games were played partaken by both parents and their children. The event was indeed a wonderful activity for a family bonding. 

As Barbie says, “You can be anything!”
Be anything and become an inspiration. 

Purchase your Barbie products from the nearest accredited shops now as they give away lots of offers! 

This article aims to calm down tormented souls.
I hope it helped you and liked this article. Please help us share this away and let’s inspire more people.