What makes make me cry?

As I was watching the kids showing cuteness and just simply having fun on stage, I honestly couldn't stop my tears from falling. I know I was distressed (everyone goes thru that) and everything these days makes me emotional. Watching the children around me makes me remember my younger self when I had no responsibilities, no expectations to achieve, no people to please, no heartaches and no troubles.

A time where “I can simply do anything and just be anything!”

Barbie, Festive Mall, Glifestyleph, Gina Juarez
The Barbie Kids playing Relay Game during the Barbie Gives Back Program:”You can be anything!” theme at Festive Walk Mall, Megaworld, Iloilo.

When I was little, I used to have barbie dolls which I can always talk to. Who else haven’t played a Barbie doll during childhood, right? Even daddies do! 

Amidst of my unfavorable, unstableand emotional self, the joy, confidence and cuteness of the kids on stage spiced up the season. 

But seeing everything at that moment made me cry more! I miss the simplicity of life. I missed the support and comforting hugs of my mom. 

I know I need to keep pushing; to keep living. I know I need more physical activities that can help me better my self.

Barbie, Festive Mall, Glifestyleph, Gina Juarez
Fashion Show for Barbie Collector’s items
Barbie, Festive Mall, Glifestyleph, Gina Juarez
Barbie Gives Back

As of this writing, I felt spirited and realized that I must not allow negativities to dominate me. I don’t wanna live a dreary life, be worried and ugly. 

As I was watching glammed Barbie Kids ramping and moving around, I was influenced of their genuine smiles on their faces. They were happy and confident. It reminded me of how should I dwell life.

Our emotions can drag us down. So whenever you are feeling low and breaking, just let it pass. 

The brand Barbie continues to inspire more and more men and women in the world and always leaves us a reminder that “You can be anything!” You can be happy, fulfilled and become an inspiration! Barbie has reminded me to be stronger and better.

As Barbie celebrates its 60th Anniversary, Barbie Philippines is giving away toys for the underprivileged children. 

In Iloilo, it was their initiative in partnership with Megaworld Lifestyle Malls the imparting of toys to the underprivileged kids of Cameleon Foundation Philippines in Passi City for every purchase of Barbie products. 

Barbie believes that all children has the right to enjoy life and play. 

The event took place inside Festive Walk Mall Iloilo beside Adidas shop on a Sunday, 14th of December 2019 at 4:00 PM. 

An exciting fashion show contest kicked off the event and was participated by funky children accompanied by their active and supportive parents. 

The event gave a jumpy experience for everyone as variety of games were played partaken by parents and their children. The event was indeed a wonderful activity especially for families. 

As Barbie says, “You can be anything!” Be anything and become an inspiration. 

Purchase your Barbie products from the nearest accredited shops now as they give away lots of offers! 

This article aims to calm down tormented souls.

I hope it helped you. Please help us share this away and let’s inspire more people. 

Diamond Georgina

Diamond Georgina is a lifestyle entrepreneur and blogger based in Iloilo City. Apart from blogging and being a professional salesperson, she loves filming (video content), traveling, and emerging in communities. She considers herself a life-long learner. Feel free to collaborate.

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