Sunday, March 22, 2020

Gratefulness amidst Chaos

By Gina A. Juarez

Strict enhanced community quarantine was mandated in Iloilo City, just like any other places in the country in order to control the spread of the crazy and deadly corona virus disease (COVID19. The government is actively doing their best to protect its people by doing many proactive campaigns, mandating necessary restrictions, providing essentials especially for our healthcare front liners who are tirelessly working to help mend patients recover and other kababayans who still needs to work to make things convenient for everyone.

Photo by Jan Darryl Solivas

Despite the danger amidst of this highly communicable disease, we are hopeful that together, we will win and get through this; to continue our lives well. Private sectors have been also generously channelling help by donating cash and goods to support the operation of the government and volunteers and for the people.

Love and compassion will win and heal all the hurt this situation has caused us. We’ll all get through this; the world will get through this because we have a Great God who is lovingly looking after us. This thing shall pass and we together in faith will make our fears and sadness turn into hopes and celebrations.

How did I cope with the long break?

Before the quarantine period, I bought food, some essentials and making sure to be physically distant from people. Anyway this is just for a while. By doing so, we take part and help prevent the spread of the virus. At first, I chose to stay in my rented space and was hoping to bear things alone, but I did not make it. I got anxiety attacks and was starting to feel uncertain. I was alone, stuck in my room, trying to entertain myself but definitely, as hours and days passed, I was feeling sick, hysterical and careless. I knew I have to do something. So I decided to leave and asked Jan to transport me home. The effect of receiving negative interpretations of other people was deeply terrible to my end. It was more destructive than the actual problem. It almost got me! Now I understand how other people ‘battle’ with their own minds. Now, I understand them more.

So I got home with a thankful heart. I was able to spend time with my mom. I ate real food, good food and occasionally battles with her about some chit chats in the morning. It is always true that in bad times like this, to be with your family is still the best fortress. There’s joy and gratefulness in my heart. I don’t really get enough moments with them. What was also special is that, at home, I get to learn how to cook, sort things, sleep well, watch movies, write and sing. There was freedom and peace.

I also like the idea that our overwhelmed dwelling place gets time to recharge and heal. Instead of becoming a channel of negativities in the world, let us focus more on the good side. Life is always uncertain. It can always give us many surprises. There are good days and there are down times. Let us choose to be proactive and thankful of everything we have in our lives. Our parents and siblings, our friends and colleagues, our good health, our career, our freedom, our special-someone, our entire life is a huge blessing.

We were all created tough and always ready to win every battle. Please have faith because the Lord will provide. | Iloilo City, Philippines, March 22, 2020    


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