Oil spill victims received further assistance from Ayala Foundation and AC Energy

Ayala Foundation and AC Energy Philippines sent further assistance to the 308 households affected by oil spill in district of Lapuz, Iloilo City.

If we can remember, there was a devastating oil spill incident last July 3 where families were mandated to leave their homes. AC Energy Philippines stood responsible, never failed to take prompt actions and poured out support to the affected families.

Thursday, July 30, an aircraft carrying additional food packs and relief goods from AC Energy, Ayala Foundation, Ayala Coop, Rise Against Hunger, and Ayala Business Club landed in Iloilo for the oil spill victims. There were also boxes of face masks to be given away to the affected district.

The donated boxes were flown in by the Philippine Air Force. The Philippine Air Force, 52nd Air Force Group Reserve and TOG-6 helped disembarked all the said loads. 

 Philippine Air Force. The Philippine Air Force, 52nd Air Force Group Reserve and TOG-6

There were also a total of 1,500 fortified meal packs turned over by AC Energy Philippines to the barangay for rapid distribution to the residents of Bo. Obrero, Manduriao and Jaro. Each Fortified Meal pack is composed of rice, soy, dried vegetables and fruits enriched with the vitamins and minerals, and is enough to feed a family of 8 to 12 members.

Ayala Foundation and Ayala Coop, donated the meal packs from Rise Against Hunger Philippines, a hunger relief non-profit organization that coordinates the packaging and distribution of food and other aid to vulnerable communities.

“We are grateful to the Ayala group and the Philippine Air Force for their support that allowed us to continue to support the needs of the affected communities.” AC Energy said.

A careful procedure was done after unloading the boxes such as rigid disinfection to avoid possible spread of Covid-19.

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