Solemn celebration, Supreme Court favors MORE Power

The newly-renovated customer service office of MORE Electric and Power Corporation along Gen. Luna St., Iloilo City once again served as a venue for a meaningful Thanksgiving Mass joined by employees, city officials, and company executives last Friday, September 18, 2020.

MORE Power Electric
A solemn Thanksgiving Mass was held in Gen. Luna St. Office, last Friday, Sep 18,5PM to celebrate Supreme Court's decision in granting MORE Power the authority  to distribute electricity in Iloilo City 

"Actually it is a thanksgiving mass and you know, a little get-together and precisely because of the decision of the Supreme Court, which is something we've been praying for. And with the decision that came out last Tuesday, Wednesday, so I think it's just fitting... to give a, to give the thanksgiving where it is due. that's why we always start it with a mass." MORE Electric and Power Corp. president Mr. Roel Castro cited.

Last Wednesday, Sept 15, 2020, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of MORE Power by declaring as constitutional Sections 10 and 17 of Republic Act No. 11212 which authorized the Enrique Razon-led firm to distribute electricity in Iloilo City. 

Moreover, the warm and welcoming office of MORE Power in Gen. Luna St. will eventually serve as Customer Service Office for all the Ilonggo electric consumers.

The management admitted that because of the massive volume of people coming to the office daily, they needed to have a bigger area to receive roughly 1200-1400 customers per day. 

Roel Castro MORE Power Iloilo
Mr. Roel Castro, president of MORE Power Iloilo in an interview,

"The reason why it is that high, the number, is because alam naman natin (we all know) that we deal a lot, and we are doing a lot of disconnections na (which are) illegal and which are turning out to be new applicants. But later on, once it is stabilized, we hope we can transfer here [CS office]." Mr. Roel Castro explained.

Meanwhile, MORE Power encourages consumers to visit Hotel Del Rio as its temporary receiving department for all types of concerns.

MORE Power management assures the public that the operation will continue unhampered to address and provide Iloilo City the best service it deserves. 


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