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More Power and Electric Corporation or popularly known as MORE Power is unwaveringly doing its job to improve its services day by day to support the extensive needs and concerns of its consumers. 

The electric and power company desires to be a preferred electric distribution utility provider that responds to the dynamic needs of consumers and delivers competent energy solutions. 

MORE Power aims to maintain Iloilo City's electric service in a friendly, effective, non-discriminatory, cost-efficient, and helpful way.

With that being said, "Ang More Power, online na!" and has adapted to more technological advancements to provide better service to its beloved consumers, the Ilonggos.

Consumers can now conveniently check in to browsers and type in the website address ''. The 3 most common consumer concerns such as application, billing, and payment were addressed by the online campaign.

For Applications, consumers will be able to see the complete lists of requirements depending on their needs and application category. Categories include the following: 

1. Residential (Big Load and Residential, Informal Settlers, Low Load)

2. Commercial (Corporation, Non-Corporation, Sole Proprietorship)

3. Power (Temporary Residential, Temporary Commercial, Permanent Industrial)

4. Government (City Offices, Street Lights, Other Government (National/Provincial))

It's faster and easier to apply now as a new consumer because downloadable forms are available from the website.

A preview of downloable forms from more power website.

Below are the categories and requirements upon application for your convenience. 

Categories and requirements for MORE Power application.

MORE Power website has provided a Customer Data Form where consumers can fill out and update information as an active consumer of MORE Power. Upon completing the necessary details, consumer’s monthly bill will be sent to their respective email addresses.

Payments were also made easy and widely available through MORE Power's accredited third party payment centers.

Also, since day one, the well-performing electric company has been active on its social media Facebook page MORE Power Iloilo giving upfront advisories, news, and inspiring stories. 

If you are a consumer, feel free to browse and explore MORE Power’s newly launched website.

For concerns, questions and more information, MORE Power customer service is available 24/7. Please see photo of complete contact information from its website.

MORE power operation hotline

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