7 satisfying things to do to enjoy and appreciate Boracay

Boracay Islands, Philippines, glifestyleph
Boracay Islands, Philippines

We all love being outdoors, especially on the beach. Boracay Philippines is a small island in the central Philippines famous for its white sands and lush tropic scenery. It is also known for its resorts and beaches where you can enjoy the magnificent sunset and nature.

Here are 7 realistic things you can do to knock out your soul in Boracay:

1. Burry yourself in the sand. 
Feel the true connection of your fragile body to the universe and think of your sweet triumph.

2. Sleep under the coconut tree.
Get yourself tired strolling and drown your soul in the water. Relax under a magnificent tree and feed your soul with great feeling and gratefulness.

Boracay Island, Philippines
A woman sun bathing before the total lockdown in Boracay Beach prohibiting
people from swimming. Photo by Boracay Dragons

3. Walk in the shore barefootedly. 
Beach, a place for dalliance. Remove your flip-flop and get rid of your worries. Forget about your bikini-for-photoshoot-only. Be yourself. Enjoy and exhaust the bountiful nature.

4. Swim and get drown like crazy. When you see water, jump. When there’s an adventure, emerge. Just swim like crazy and fall in love with the creatures and they will love you back. It is for you. 

5. Clean up every mess. Leave nothing but footsteps. Take nothing but memories. 

6. Stroll with your beloved. Life is short and tricky, and regret is eternal. Love your partner, your parents, your family, and the world. Love makes the world go round. 

7. Fatten your heart. Be a blessing to everyone. Share a smile with a stranger. Be a source of power and greatness because you are one beautiful creation that can absolutely change the world. 

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The beach is God’s one way of communicating to us, use it to recharge. It is where you can let things go. Make it a place where you can reflect and breathe. Keep loving and enjoy being loved. It is your fortress, your place for love and admiration. 

It is where you belong.

Ps.: Do you know other laid-back beach activities you wished to suggest? Let us know in the comment box below. 

By Diamond Georgina , Iloilo City
March 28, 2020
1:43AM, inspired and excited

Diamond Georgina

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