Beauty Gonzalez admits that Paano Ang Pangako story helped her reconcile with mother

Manila —  After the viral video clip of TV5's Paano Ang Pangako's rival characters Hope Aguinaldo portrayed by Beauty Gonzalez and Karen Dominante portrayed by Karel Marquez' face slapping and cake scene that now has more than 1.4M views to date; a fun online chickahan via zoom with the media people from Vizayas was held last Monday, March 22, 2021.

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One of the highlights of the interview which was also broadcasted via IdeaFirst Company Facebook Page was when one participant asked both the main casts about "If how was their character in Paano Ang Pangako differ from all the characters they have portrayed before?"

Beauty Gonzalez, one of the lead star of Paano Ang Pangako directly thanked the participant for asking the question. The 29 year old bisaya beauty from Dumaguete liked her character so much as Hope Aguinaldo because it's the only character she played with a mother.

"I really like Hope's character coz' she's really close to her mom. Kasi yung past few soaps ko, wala akong akon mom eh. So ngayon lang talaga ako nag karoon nang mom. And through Faith, naramdaman ko talaga na may Mama ako sa totoong buhay." Gonzalez said.

Beauty Gonzalez revealed that Paano Ang Pangako story helped her reconcile with her mother.

"And honestly, dahil sa show na 'to nagkabati kami ng Mommy ko." she added.

The actress mentioned that Maricel Laxa which plays the role of her mother Faith, is very similar to the charater in real life because she's very kind, God-fearing and always positive. For her, the show is very special because she faces all the chalenges of her life in the story with her mother. Lastly, said that she's attached with her character as Hope because of her Mama Faith.

Although Gonzalez refused to clarify why and what was it about, the actress was very grateful for all the blessings she has received especially during the pandemic.

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