Beauty Gonzalez & Karel Marquez Hit 1.4M Views in “Paano Ang Pangako?” video

MANILA, Philippines, 22 March 2021 — Bisaya fans are immensely proud homegrown talents Beauty Gonzalez and Karel Marquez are viral sensations online because of their performance in the top-rating TV5 series “Paano Ang Pangako?” 

As Hope Aguinaldo (Gonzalez) and Karen Dominante-Cruz (Marquez), they are entangled in rivalry for the romantic affections of Carl, played by Ejay Falcon.  In the viral video clip that now has 1.4M views to date, the actresses don’t just exchange barbs verbally, a slap on the face leads to Hope smothering Karen’s face in cake.

Beauty Gonzales and Karel Marquez for Paano ang Pangako?

Gonzales and Marquez have been in the limelight for years and have masterfully portrayed their roles effectively, reaping praises from their peers and colleagues. “Beauty and Karel are amazing, instinctive actresses.

They add dimension to their characters that make them relatable yet unpredictable. It’s been an honor working with them and a pleasure being in a locked-in shoot with them," said the show’s producer-director Perci Intalan.


Gonzalez and Marquez are just two stars in the stellar cast of “Paano Ang Pangako?,” it also boasts of Urian winners Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan and Elijah Canlas, along with Bing Loyzaga, Miles Ocampo, Desiree del Valle, Matt Evans, John “Sweet” Lapus and many more.

Viewers on TV and online have praised the performances of all the cast members, building a new drama audience for TV5.

Airing every Monday to Friday at 7:15pm, the show was originally meant to be a Christmas special but performed so well that it extended beyond the new year and is now set to have its finale in a special marathon on April 3, Black Saturday, from 2pm-7pm on TV5.

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