CITIWINGS: perfect spot for an unlimited chicken wings and beer in Iloilo City

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Citiwings Restaurant, Brgy. Bolilao, Iloilo City Philippines (Photo by Citiwings)

The restaurant industry in Iloilo City, Philippines has continued to thrive despite the challenges which disrupted many businesses for the last two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the newest brands which sprouted despite all of that is Citiwings, a practical way and reasonable place for you to fulfill your chicken cravings. 


Citiwings restaurant recently opened its door to the public on the 11th day of December 2021 in Iloilo City. It is located in Highlands Commercial Complex (formerly known as Boliland), in Brgy. Bolilao with an al fresco dining set up. 

The resto serves chicken wings in different interesting flavors. They also serve ice-cold alcoholic drinks and more.

Enjoy Iloilo City by discovering its beautiful culture, meeting nice people, and visiting cafes and restaurants that will surely make you want to come back to the "city of love". 

Iloilo City is on Panay Island and is known for its Spanish colonial churches and infrastructures. Also, is now one of the centers of development in the country. 

The owner Mr. Peter Semolava, a banker and an entrepreneur shared with us his process of opening this new food establishment. The name Citiwings was a collaborative idea of him and his friends, which means eating chicken wings in the city.

Though it was his first time handling a restaurant business, friends, family, and customers never failed to show him support. The place was always jam-packed with people who enjoys their chicken wings since they opened the store. 

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"Opening a business, especially in this pandemic is a risk. But since the situation got a little better, we took it as an opportunity to get started." Semolava shared.

Peter envisions his brand to be expanding to many branches soon. He aims to provide more jobs to those who were displaced; especially for his kasimanwas from San Joaquin, Iloilo.

"The opening of Citiwings was supposed to happen 2 years ago, however, due to the unpredictable pandemic we differed. We waited for the right time so that our operation won't be hampered." Semolava cited.

Our management needed to make sure that we won't lose in this investment or at least have a manageable risk in opening a new business by taking precautionary measures and strict planning." Semolava added.

Citiwings is now available for franchise. If interested, message Citiwings Facebook page here. Visit Citiwings daily from 11AM until 8PM and share with us your story and experiences at Citiwings.


Brgy. Bolilao, Iloilo City, Western Visayas, Philippines 5000

Mobile #: 0969 210 3400

Open daily from 11AM to 8PM


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