Dr. Graciano Lopez Jaena Shrine is now Iloilo City Public Library and Learning Center


Graciano Lopez Jaena Shrine Iloilo City Public Library
Dr. Graciano Lopez Jaena Shrine is now Iloilo City Public Library and Learning Center

The Iloilo City Public Library (ICPL) is now housed at Dr. Graciano Lopez Jaena Learning Resource Center and Museum, named after the noble son of Jaro, situated in his former home in Fajardo Street.

Graciano Lopez Jaena Shrine Iloilo City Public Library
Graciano Lopez Jaena is located at Fajardo St, Jaro, Iloilo City.


Mayor Jerry Treñas wants the establishment of shrine in honor of heroic Ilonggos in other districts.


Lopez Jaena was an editor and orator whose writings and literary works rallied against Spanish invaders.


"After this, we will have an Avanceña shrine and library in Arevalo. We will allow the younger generation to know more about the important persons in their districts who contributed a lot to our lives today. We are what we are because of what they did for us during their time," Treñas stressed.


This will pay tribute to Arevalo's pride Ramon Avanceña, the former chief justice of Supreme Court.

Part of La Paz plaza redevelopment will also host a library.


City Librarian Marion Aguirre said they have purchased new books to be delivered soon. This, after they have updated the collections and to return to stockroom the worn-out and unserviceable ones.


ICPL promotes love for reading among children and helps students in their research.


Aguirre said there have been many requests for ICPL to open on Saturdays. She added the plan to extend the weekday services will be presented to the mayor for approval.


ICPL also entertains online queries via their Facebook page.


ICPL joined the World Read Aloud Day Febuary 2 with Iloilo River Plains Integrated School as representative. They also sent the recorded presentation to LitWorld, an international organization based in New York, USA.

ICPL proposed to the mayor to join the 63rd Public Library Day of the National Library of the Philippines. Its proposal is in lieu with the 2022 Istoryafest in collaboration with Philippine Librarian Association Inc.-Western Visayas Region Librarians Council (PLAI-WVRLC).


"We will compile our online videos and show the films to all pediatric vax sites for kids to learn and be entertained," said Aguirre. (via Iloilo City PIO)

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