TRY ME! is back: Why Ilonggos loved it?

Try Me Restaurant: The comeback!

Try Me was a popular fast food chain in Iloilo back in the 90's. It was certainly everyone's favorite place for a good meal, hangout and celebrations. Before McDonald's and Jolibee came, there was Try Me - a proud and pure Ilonggo brand. 

Try Me Fast Food Iloilo
G with Try Me's best-sellers sandwich de luxe and fried chicken with java rice.

All of us are still stuck with Covid-19: one of the most devastating pandemic of the century that disrupted our busy lives. We're already exhausted of it and seems we're powerless to make it stop and just disappear as of the moment. 

But one thing is for sure, we all have the power to make our lives and community a better place by doing our part as good citizens of this country and by taking baby steps, valuable ones to redeem ourselves, our jobs, our health and relationships. 

Many businesses have closed down, or if not, were forced to shift their operations to Internet-based transactions which made the industry's status dropped and some, failed.

Despite of the tragic impact of the pandemic, there are still many business ventures staying on the line, eager to bounce back and fighting strong to win this battle.

What made Try Me come back

Just like everyone else, Chef Mary Pauline Gorriceta-Banusing, the owner of Al Dente Ristorante and Try Me said that in business, it takes so much guts and faith to continue in difficult times like this. That it is important to be receptive rather that intolerant, and to be as innovative as quickly as possible. 

She has always believed that in order to win the day, instead of whining or groaning, claim a "good morning", and all good things will follow.

Chef Pauline once again rolled-out Try Me products to the public after many years. She was persuaded by friends, family and many Try Me fanatics to serve the iconic restaurant snacks. The spaghetti, Palabok and the sinful cheesy sandwich de luxe.

She has been very proud of Try Me products that she even can't forget how the Ilonggos loved it and fell for it. Try Me has served variety of comfort food like Sandwich de Luxe, a delicious layer of bread with ham sinfully soaked and poured-over with cheese and milk, and I personally loved it. Other meals included are Fried Chicken with Java Rice, Spaghetti and Palabok are also favorites. Try me is also known for the flavorful ice cream varieties. 

Why Ilonggos love Try Me?

Many Ilonggos until today are still inlove with the favors of Try Me. Here are some of the product reviews and feedbacks I saw from the internet:

"Every bite is like a warm hug that expands your chest and fills your soul with so much love." Thea Marie Pugales wrote on Facebook. 

She felt like she has time-traveled back to the 90's, giving her so much good memories. Feeling delighted with Try Me's food especially her personal favorite Try Me de Luxe. 

It is always true that no matter how lonely or sad you get, a delicious bunch of good food will always take the pain away. Despite of all the negative things happening today, here we are striving to be better individuals and spread positive influences. 

J Catadman also did not hesitate to share her nostalgia on how she missed her childhood and how her family spend a usual weekend at Try Me Restaurant.  

"Try Me was where I'd reward myself for a good work done; hit my desired grade, or performed well on stage." Catadman wrote on her Facebook.

"Try Me wasn't just a resto for me, it was where I dreamed big, and later on was blessed to have my dreams come true." she added with love.

Aside from its flavourful dishes, the iconic restaurant defined so many good memories from the past and its one of the rigid reasons why people of Iloilo are in loved with it.

G on Try Me Products

Personally, Try Me Products are too overwhelming. The servings are huge and delicious in a reasonable price. It is a comfort food that Ilonggo families will surely love until today. 

If will be given the chance, I think the generousity of this brand is competitive enough to flourish, saturate and win the market again.

Try Me products are available for orders from 8AM-7PM thru delivery and pick up in a limited run. For your orders, you may call or text 09177288838.

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