PruHealth FamLove: Insure your family up to 4 members using one policy

What is Life Insurance? Of course we don’t wish it, but in case something unexpected happens like accident or worse death, your life insurance policy will pay out cash benefit to your beneficiary to help them recover financially.

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DID YOU KNOW? That you can now insure your whole family using ONE POLICY? FamLove is a newly-launched product of Pru Life UK affordable for the whole family. We have available packages for your loved ones. This product can also cater our LGBT Friends, Common law partners, Adoptive Families and more.

Other people are still reluctant about acquiring a policy because they thought that its like killing a person while alive, but NO! Life insurance can have living benefits called critical illness benefit. It can provide you lump sum amount if you contract one of the many critical illnesses stated in your policy. If you love your family, having one is always a great idea.

PRUHealth FamLove Features

FamLove Protection Plan for Family
FamLove Protection Plan for Family via

About the product: PRUHealth FamLove

It is an affordable yearly renewable term protection plan which enables you to share coverage against critical illnesses to eligible family members with just one plan.

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