Meet Martin Camacho of RAFI Microfinance Inc.

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner duly registered for at least 2 years and has updated permits? This article is for you.

Among all the departments in our business career, the financial aspect of it is for sure always the most difficult to manage and stabilize. In order to get started, enough amount of capital is essential to the growth of every start-up business. 

In this article, you will meet a person who works passionately in helping people's lives become more efficient. Read and discover an additional way how you can maximize your business by adding capital with the help of Martin.

Meet Martin Camacho Jr. of RAFI Microfinance Inc.

Martiniano Camacho Jr., Mauswagon Plus Trust Staff of RAFI Microfinace Inc..png
Martiniano Camacho Jr., Mauswagon Plus Trust Staff of RAFI Microfinace Inc..png

Martiniano Camacho Jr. is native of Passi City, Iloilo. He works as MPlus TS or "Mauswagon Plus Trust Staff" of RAFI Microfinace Inc. His job is to look for and connect to business owners who may be interested in borrowing funds or capital ranging from 100, 000 pesos to 300, 000 pesos. 

As of this writing, he has been working with RAFI for 3 years and 5 months. 

"Ang na-enjoy ko tungod bisan indi akon kwarta and ginapahulam ko, happy gid ako nga makabulig sa mga nanay nga nagakinahanglan para sa ila additional capital," Martin Camacho shared.

Qualified applicants for RAFI Small Business Loan are those people with good moral character and have fair standing in society. According to Martin, the company only approves applications if the applicant's persona adheres to the company's core principle which is integrity. 

Martin is a joyful person and has made a lot of friends through the years. Apart from work, he is a passionate dancer. He participates in Dance Sports competitions locally.

If you want to borrow money for business, to know more about Martin and the services he offers, you may reach him through his Facebook Martin Camacho, or call him at 09083827948.

What is RAFI Microfinance?

RAFI Microfinance is a financial and non-financial services company that provides loan capital for micro-entrepreneurs. Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. Micro-Finance is owned by a preeminent figure in the business industry of the southern Philippines, Ramon Aboitiz y Yrastorza. It aims to help to elevate the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities through a stable and rewarding livelihood. 

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