PalawanPay e-wallet app reaches 2 million users in 4 months

PalawanPay, Palawan Pawnshop, Iloilo City
PalawanPay reaches 2 million users in 4 months

PalawanPay has just reached two (2) million registered users in just four (4) months. With this significant milestone, PalawanPay has become one of the top 3 finance apps on Google Play Store and App Store for the past 3 months, further proving Filipinos’ utmost trust in the Palawan Group brand. 

Harping on its strength as an e-wallet created by the leading and most trusted pawnshop and remittance company in the Philippines, Palawan Pawnshop Group.

What do Customers say about PalawanPay?

  • Users of the app have cited PalawanPay’s ease of use and convenience as the main reasons they like the app.
  • Users have also chosen PalawanPay because it helps them with cashless transactions such as transferring funds, e-loading, paying bills, and receiving money anytime and anywhere.
  • This milestone was reached with the strong support of users from  Visayas, Mindanao, Palawan, and certain parts of Luzon where the app was initially launched.


What is PalawanPay?


PalawanPay is an e-wallet app under the Palawan Pawnshop Group (PPG), a name trusted by Filipinos since 1985. PPG is also the number one remittance and pawning company in the Philippines.


PalawanPay not only paves a digitized way for Pera Padala services but also brings a new wave of convenience because it serves as a unified platform for all online payment needs anytime and anywhere, making digital payment platforms readily accessible to more Filipinos.


What PalawanPay Can Do?

With PalawanPay, users can now send their remittances digitally to their loved ones, with recipients having an option to receive money via the app or by claiming at any Palawan Express Pera Padala outlet.


PalawanPay users also enjoy the app’s bill payment and e-loading services, thanks to the affordable and numerous e-load variants and growing local billers available, which has powered users to continue giving the app such positive reviews.


PalawanPay is continuously innovating its services by providing a fast, safe, and easy way of transferring funds or sending money to another bank or e-wallet anytime, anywhere, a feature powered by InstaPay.

Users need to have verified accounts by simply uploading a valid ID in the app to unleash more services such as an increased monthly transaction limit of up to Php100,000, fund transfers to other banks and e-wallets, and no account expiration, and other benefits.


The Palawan Pawnshop Group has revolutionized remittance services in the Philippines while remaining true and consistent with its tagline of “Madali, Mabilis, at Walang Kuskos Balungos”


How to Download PalawanPay App?

Download the PalawanPay App and be one of over two million Filipinos who experience the convenience it offers!


To create a PalawanPay account, you may download the app from App Store or at Google Play Store After downloading the app, you can register your account name and password once you agree to the terms and conditions.

A verification code will be sent to the mobile phone you want to associate with the account. For Basic accounts, a Selfie photo will be requested. To find out how to be a verified PalawanPay user, go to


Is Palawan Pay safe and secure?

The PalawanPay App is safe and secure. It is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. For more information, go to

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