Must-visit: Unique Coffee Spots in Passi City

Must-Visit: Interesting Coffee Shops in Passi City

Coffee shops are everywhere. It is where most ideas are formed and plans happen. Good friendships are brewed to satisfaction just like coffee. Family ties get bonded even tighter. 

If you are looking for cozy spots to conduct your meetings or fulfill catch-ups, here's a list of unique must-visit coffee shops when visiting Passi City. 


Curated Photos from Deja Cafe Passi City, Coffee Shops in Passi
Curated Photos from Deja Cafe Passi City

Deja Cafe is located along the National Highway in Brgy. Sablogon Passi City. 

It is a well-lit, minimalist, and aesthetic cafe that has a charming character perfect for intimate meet-ups. Fairly new and has a chic interior design. This cafe captured the hearts of the millennials as it is undeniably comfortable, cozy and an overall picture-perfect spot. 

They serve good coffee, and well-curated food perfect for you and your family. 

Messenger: Number0961 593 8471


Curated Photos from Puno Kapehan Passi City, Coffee Shops in Passi
Curated Photos from Puno Kapehan Passi City.

Puno Kapehan used to be a Kubo hut literally under a mango tree, that is why it is called Puno, which means tree. It is located in front of Passi City's public plaza, Plaza Paloma, and near the old city municipal hall. 

It is a unique, tiny, and interesting cafe nestled under a tree. The architecture is nice and uses wood planks that complete the look. They are serving fresh juices, coffee, and pastries. 


3. Pauline's CUPe Coffee Shop

Curated Photos from Pauline's Cupe Coffee Shop Passi City. , Coffee Shops in Passi
Curated Photos from Pauline's Cupe Coffee Shop Passi City.


Pauline's CUPe Coffee Shop is a local coffee shop run by a young passionate woman named Pauline, located at City Hall Road, Passi, the sweet city in the heart of Panay.

It is an ideal space for big groups as it houses Kubo huts and numerous dining tables that can cater to medium to large groups. They serve snacks like pizza, pasta, burgers, drinks, and some short-order meals good for gatherings. 

Messenger: | Mobile Number: 0970 933 2713

4. Sabel's Coffee & Cuisine

Curated Photos from Sabel's Coffee & Cuisin
Curated Photos from Sabel's Coffee & Cuisine

Sabel's Coffee & Cuisine highlights its antique location, which used to be an old residence along Dorillo St. Passi City. 

It was established by a young couple in the year 2020, during the peak of the pandemic. Sabel’s Coffee and Cuisine claim to always safely market and distribute quality and deliciously brewed coffee. They also serve well-captured and beautiful delicious food perfect for groups.


5. Agcararao Mountain View

Curated Photos from Agcararao Mountain View in Passi City, Iloilo.
Curated Photos from Agcararao Mountain View in Passi City, Iloilo.

Agcararao Mountain View is a mountain-top resort ideal for guests who want to do little hiking with a nice view. If you want to have coffee in a nice and cool place, this is it.

They are located in Brgy, Magdungao, Passi City Iloilo. This place is situated a 20-30 minute drive away from the city proper. They serve snacks and drinks and can cater to large groups.

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Agcararao Mountain View, a nice tourist destination in Passi City

Mobile Number: 0905 723 7989

What other unique shops do you think I should add to this list? Please write it down in the comment section below. I would love to check and review. For comments and suggestions, please feel free to reach us at We are also open to collaborations. 

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