The best and most affordable bites you can get from GrabFood starting at P99

Cooking at home is certainly fun and satisfying, especially if you’re doing it for your family. Yet, there will be moments that you’ll be alone, so preparing your own meal and eating it with no one can be sometimes unexciting. 

Recently, I have been consistently ordering my meals from GrabFood. The best thing about it is that you can have anything you want without the hassle. As someone who works remotely, thinking of what to eat while beating work deadlines can truly be time-consuming. 

Food deliveries like GrabFood have become a regular habit for many people including me. Now that the popular super app has offered a variety of affordable meals to eat with GrabFood Everyday Value Meals starting at P99, there’s no reason for me not to satisfy my cravings. The app also offers generous and numerous promos daily like discounts of up to 30 to 40 percent. 

Here's a list of affordable bites you can try from GrabFood Everyday Value Meals starting at P99: 

1. Adobong Kangkong at P64 and Lechon Belly at P159 from Lechon House SM City Iloilo

Adobong Kangkong at P64 and Lechon Belly at P159 from Lechon House

This quality and juicy
lechon belly will certainly satisfy your meat cravings without breaking the bank. It is best paired with a healthy adobong kangkong. This straightforward dish is served with rice and a special sauce is a delightful way to mend your hungry stomach. 

2. Pancit Molo at P97 and Fresh Lumpia Ubod at P42 from Kap Ising


Pancit Molo at P97 and Fresh Lumpia Ubod at P42 from Kap Ising

Pancit Molo is a versatile dish well-loved by the Ilonggos of all ages because of its soothing and savory soup and delicate molo balls. It is indeed a popular and highly-recommended food for tourists visiting the city. In addition, a roll of this fresh lumpia (Ubud) is always a good idea because it is healthy and delicious. Give this combo a try if you are into light and healthy meals. 

3. Takoyaki at P99 by Otako Monsta

Takoyaki at P99 by Otako Monsta

Takoyaki is a delicate and flavorful snack available in a variety of flavors. I love how the people behind Otako Monsta innovated this product and the way they have packaged it so well making it affordable to everyone. Otako Monsta is a homegrown brand aggressively expanding in different parts of the country. 

4. Classic Chicken Wings with Parmesan Cheese at P165 by Byron's Smallville Iloilo

Classic Chicken Wings with Parmesan Cheese at P165 by Byron's Smallville Iloilo

This classic chicken wings with parmesan cheese is one of my personal favorites from Byron's restaurant. It is simple and not complicated. The simplicity of this dish made it outstanding and a crowd's favorite. It is best paired with ice-cold beer and bulalo.

5. Roti Platter at P210 by Healthy Kitchen Cafe 

Roti Platter at Php 210 by Healthy Kitchen Cafe

There is something special in this platter of roti by Healthy Kitchen Cafe. It has a unique and interesting taste you will surely love. It comes with 3 kinds of dip freshly made every day. It's a mass favorite because it is healthy and delicious. Visit Healthy Kitchen Cafe at Q. Abeto, Mandurriao, Iloilo City. 

To find GrabFood Everyday Value Meals, download the Grab app, tap Food for the GrabFood home page, and find the Starts at P99  tile!  Check every day for promos and special discounts!

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