Meet the members of the First Edition Band Iloilo 2022

First Edition Band Iloilo Members - 2022
First Edition Band Iloilo Members - 2022

First Edition Band is a 6-piece showband composed of young yet multi-talented and finest artists and musicians based in Iloilo City.

The band's name has been around in music circulation since 2009 and is always making its track in the music scene of Iloilo City, Philippines. Forming a group is easy, but keeping a group, especially a music band, is a struggle.

First Edition is among one of the few in-demand and long-standing full bands in Iloilo City serving many Ilonggo music consumers. The group caters to private events like weddings, birthdays, and all the like. They play in massive-crowd corporate events and concerts, as well.

The group aims to provide quality music performances and outstanding entertainment for every event possible. First Edition Band Iloilo is a combination of veteran musicians and young talented artists who excel in their individual genres.

Meet the promising members of the band and know more about their expertise: 

Hennel Funtecha - The Lead Guitarist

Hennel Funtecha- First Edition band, Lead Guitarist (2022)
Hennel Funtecha- First Edition Band, Lead Guitarist (2022)

Meet Hennel, the lead guitarist of the band. He is a music genius. His love for the craft is undeniably visible. He's been playing electric guitar since the '90s. You will usually see him at music events like Battle of the Bands and other contests as a "Judge".

Jan Darryl Solivas - The Bassist

Jan Darryl Solivas - First Edition Band, Bassist 2022
Jan Darryl Solivas - First Edition Band, Bassist 2022

Meet Jan Darryl, the bassist of First Edition Band Iloilo. He started playing in the band in his college years playing keyboards. Now, he has been playing the bass guitar for many years and was so in love with it. If you ask him which instrument he will choose between the "keys or bass guitar", he will answer"BOTH".

Clart Alcallaga - The Keyboardist

Clart Alcallaga - First Edition band, Keyboardist (2022)
Clart Alcallaga - First Edition Band, Keyboardist 2022

Meet Clart, a young and multi-talented artist and musician hailing in Santa Barbara Iloilo. He is a student majoring in Music at West Visayas State University Iloilo - Main Campus. He has excellent hearing skills and quick absorption of music. He is versatile and modern. 
Clart can also sing quite a lot of songs in different genres.

Glen Señeres - The Drummer

Glen Señeres - First Edition Band. Drummer 2022
Glen Señeres - First Edition Band. Drummer 2022

Meet Glen. He started to play drums in his amateur band the Bisanu Band in 2008. In the same year, he also learned how to play the keyboard. Hailing from the “Town of Heritage”, Santa Barbara, Glen started his music career in 2004 under Santa Barbara National Comprehensive High School Marching Band, playing snare drum and trombone.

He played percussion instruments in popular festivals like Kasadyahan Festival in Iloilo under Tribu Kahilwayan. In his music career, he was able to compete in Aliwan Fiesta - a gathering of all the festivals in the Philippines.

Glen focused on his music career as a Musical Director serving different local festivals. A music geek and a such nice guy.

Richmond Gealon - Male Vocalist

Richmond Gealon - First Edition Band, Male Vocalist 2022
Richmond Gealon - First Edition Band, Male Vocalist 2022

Richmond is known as the "King of Busking" in Iloilo City. He is a charming and crowd favorite. He plays solo with his guitar in special events, mall shows, and local fiestas. He is versatile and can play a different kinds of genres. His vocals and musicality are also unique and soothing.

Richmond is a good team player and can work with different people. He likes to be productive as possible, and thus caters to multiple stints within a day. 

Klite Canderio - Female Vocalist

Klite Canderio - Female Vocalist, First Edition Band 2022
Klite Canderio - Female Vocalist, First Edition Band 2022

Klite Candelario rose to fame when her Irreplaceable song cover went viral on Facebook. From there, she had continuous online guesting and features such as ASAP Natin To and other channels. Recently, she won in Tawag ng Tanghalan sa It's Showtime Season 5 as a Daily Winner. She was also a Golden Ticket Holder in Idol Philippines Season 2. 

Klite is the epitome of "Small but Terrible" because of her powerful voice and outstanding talent. She is fearless and always fun to be with. Because of her fond character, she has become one of Iloilo City Government's favorite voice and music artists for music videos and campaigns. She is versatile and always full of energy.

For bookings and reservations, please contact 09174811855 (Jan) or 09468574778 (Hennel) or you can message them via messenger at

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