Jerry Trenas Iloilo City Mayor
Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas to panel in the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) forum in Vienna, Austria Sept. 4-5, 2023

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas will be serving as a panelist in the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) forum in Vienna, Austria Sept. 4-5, 2023.

Treñas will be highlighting the city’s best practices in the Mayors Dialogue 2 on “Advancing innovation and partnerships for a net zero transport” at UNIDO’s Bridge for Cities event.

The program will provide all participating city leaders with a unique platform to share experiences on concrete climate action initiatives.
Treñas is among the panel of top government executives including Markus Lewe, Mayor of Münster, Germany; Susan Aitken, Leader of the Council, Glasgow, United Kingdom; Matjaž Rakovec, Mayor of Kranj, Slovenia; VardgesSamsonyan, Mayor of Gyumri, Armenia; Richard Banda, Mayor of Lilongwe, Malawi; Mean Chanyada, Vice Governor of Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Ahmad Al Malkawi, City Manager of Amman, Jordan; and ZhyrgalbekShamyraliev, Deputy Mayor of Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic.
The session’s moderator is Gunther Beger, Managing Director of the Directorate for SDG Innovation and Economic Transformation of UNIDO.
Treñas stressed that representation is a chance to promote the city’s economic and tourism potentials on the global platform.
The 2023 edition of Bridge for Cities on "Accelerating Climate Action through Urban Innovation" seeks to bring together stakeholders from cities along the Belt and Road and Beyond to discuss the latest development solutions, and explore how innovation can drive climate action and create more sustainable, resilient, and livable cities.
They possess a unique opportunity to combat climate change through urban innovation and sustainable transportation.
Adoption of green technologies such as electric vehicles and the expansion of public transportation systems that run on renewable energy sources such as biofuels or green hydrogen are a few examples being undertaken by cities.
Encouraging active transport modes such as walking and cycling, promoting land use patterns that reduce the need for long commutes, and implementing innovative financing models are equally important to reducing emissions. (Iloilo City PIO)

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