RP-Mission and Development Foundation Inc., Top Western Visayas City Mayors - Philippines Job Performance Ratings (June 25-July 5, 2023)
RP-Mission and Development Foundation Inc., Top Western Visayas City Mayors - Philippines Job Performance Ratings (June 25-July 5, 2023)

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas topped again the regional job performance ratings conducted by the RP-Mission and Development Foundation Inc. (RPMD) this July, following the one in March.

Treñas achieved an 86.7% rating, higher than his previous 82.9% score, in a Top Western Visayas City Mayors survey.

He placed sixth in RPMD’s March national poll, a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of public officials using face-to-face interviews with a total of 10,000 adult respondents and a sampling margin of error of +/-1%.

Treñas stressed the achievement is a validation of his priority WHEELS Program which focuses on Welfare, Health, Education, Environment, Livelihood, and Sustainability.

The focal points of RPMD’s criteria encompass seven vital categories: service delivery, financial stewardship, economic progress, leadership and governance, environmental management, social services, and public engagement.

The rigorous and independent study to assess city mayors’ performance across the Philippines is a research initiative meticulously constructed to scrutinize their efficacy against a broad spectrum of evaluative criteria.

It covered 145 city mayors in assessing leadership effectiveness within the archipelago as the extensive evaluation plays a crucial role by reinforcing a robust accountability framework, ensuring they discharge their duties with utmost efficiency and skill.

RPMD Executive Director Dr. Paul Martinez said this fortifies good governance by examining mayors' adherence to legal and ethical standards, dedication to civic engagement, and ability to deliver public services efficiently.

"It also drives continuous improvement by illuminating areas of growth, with valuable feedback and suggestions serving as invaluable tools for mayors to refine their leadership skills, enhance their strategic acumen, and elevate their proficiency in city administration," he added.

RPMD's in-depth performance assessment of city mayors furnishes valuable insights into their effectiveness and underscores the importance of accountability, transparency, and exceptional; and spans a wide array of facets, encouraging mayors towards constant improvement and citizen-centric leadership.

On its website, their field research specialists are based in key cities in Metro Manila, Visayas, and Mindanao, and active representatives monitor and analyze political trends and check on constituents’ viewpoints. (Iloilo City PIO)

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