Villa Mansion: Sam Butcher's Precious Moments Doll House is now a lifestyle center promoting quality life in Iloilo City

Sam Butcher Mansion "Doll House", now called Villa Mansion by Seniors Prestige Club (2023)
Sam Butcher Mansion "Doll House", now called Villa Mansion by Seniors Prestige Club (2023)

Iloilo City, Philippines - Sam Butcher Mansion (Doll House), was built by an American artist Samuel "Sam" Butcher (born January 1, 1939) in the early 1980s. He is the founder of Precious Romance Collections, an international company and foundation with Christian Scholars. 

Know more about Villa Mansion

This spectacular piece of architecture is located in Calachuchi St. Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Villa Arevalo, Iloilo City. It has been restored and is now called the "Villa Mansion by Seniors Prestige Club".

The mansion was once deserted, worn out, and dirty for such a period of time. According to Arch. Marjory Dondon Morano, the husband of property director Mary Ann Morano, It needed more or less 3 months and a huge amount of money to refurbish the place to make it as livable as possible.

The project, indeed challenged the patience, skills, and camaraderie of the team of Seniors Prestige Club in restoring the beauty and facade of this extra charming property. 

The Seniors Prestige Club supports the quality of social life for clients of all ages, especially seniors, from all walks of life. 

"Our restoration has not reached perfection yet as it we are still working to make it better and more livable; and there will always be challenges along the way, like the facilities undergoing maintenance, classic doors that are quite hard to close, and others, which we humbly ask for your understanding. Rest assured, we will be serving you with a happy heart." Mary Ann F. Morano, Director of the Seniors Prestige Club cited.

What is the Seniors Prestige Club (SPC)?

Seniors Prestige Club or SPC is a social club that caters elderly to promote a better social life with a membership fee. The membership offers a lot of things such as unlimited access to the whole property, use of the swimming pool, free coffee, and other things. 

The view inside the Villa Mansion on a day time. In the frame are Gina and Jaycyl Juarez enjoying the peace and calm of the place. 

Contrary to the public's misconception, SPC is not a home-for-the-age nor a nursing home but is a social club and an ideal venue for private events at an affordable price. The Villa Mansion by Seniors Prestige Club intended to expand its services to cater for parties and host more guests who wish to book a stay in the home hotel. 

It is also home to Kasanag Wellness Centre Villa Arevalo Branch if you are into traditional massage and relaxation. Coco Shea, a local beauty salon for your beauty demands is also in the vicinity to give pampering services. Food kiosks such as Patirilo, Ririlo, Guintee, and Tia's Brew & Pastries are also available daily to serve the walk-in and in-house guests whenever they are hungry.

Meanwhile, I will be updating this article for more information about The Villa Mansion. Stay tuned. 

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